“A Solitary Practitioner of the ‘craft,’ is alone and independent of any other practitioner, coven or tradition of the ‘old religion.’ As such, a ‘Solitary’ is not bound or tied down to any one set of rules. The Solitary is free to practice the craft in the way that they feel moved to do so. Alone, the Solitary is not made answerable to no other tradition,” citation taken from Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft.

The Urban Dictionary: a ‘Solitary’ Practitioner is a female or male Wicca who practices the cult and Rites of the Wicca religion – alone. Alone, in the sense that the Solitary Practitioner, practices with no one else. He or she is not bound to any set fashion, nor to any one specific tradition in particular. He or she is not an initiate’ of any one, or of any particular ‘Wicca group or coven.’

In other words, the Solitary Practitioner practices the ‘Craft,’ alone and independently from other practitioners of the ‘Old Religion.’ The Solitary Wicca is a “Witch,” a practitioner of the Craft; of the old religion’.

Most Wicca Solitary Practitioners include ‘magick’ in their studies of Wicca. Since to include Magic means to Craft, these ‘Crafters’ are sometimes called: Wiccan Witches; or healers or shamans among other names and in other traditions. They are peaceful persons who do no harm.

While rendering cult, devotion, and Rites to the gods, most Wiccans perform ‘white magic’; because it comes back to the ‘Crafter’ by the ‘threefold law.’ Basically, the threefold law is the old religion’s equivalent of “what goes around comes around.” In Wicca, it is “An Ye Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt.” This said, other Wiccans also perform ‘dark magick’ in addition to white magick. Doing so permits them to themselves as well as others. These Practitioners of Wicca believe that both light and dark’ go hand in hand because they have acquired the knowledge and the wisdom to harm none.

Disclaimer: Taken and adapted from ‘The Urban Dictionary.’ With Love and with all due respect, this is not meant to duplicate, nor imitate any other author’s writings. Any resemblance thereof is nonintentional. Wicca is what Wicca is…


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  1. I’d like to thank u for the relationship reading u gave to me , it was an eye opener, an uu nailed it right on the head , as now the man that use to be my future husband , is gone put of my life , u where right about him being a marital man useinh me for my inheritance, I went from 110,000 from May 2014 to 20,000 now to present , I found that he plans to this all along , we were friends from 2008 until he wanted to be my mate after iv been threw the mill wiv two other men , im pretty sure I have a relationship curse on me , ive been in 6 , relationships as of now three of which the only thing good that came out of them were my children that was the first 3 relationships , the second three , well we nevever had any children, I got finally fix in 1992 after my daughter was born , but the last three , they were a doozy , the first three by years , #1 two years , #2 7 an a half years, #3 9 an half years, #4 10 years #5 three years, #6 1 an half years , they all had something in common they turns on me an abused me emotionally , ffinancially , spiritually , they took a mental toll on me , I think I’ll ever find a true love , someone who’ll love me for me , I think my soulmate died before I could find him , I’m so depressed, I just give up on love , an being wiv a man as a mate in my life , any way , I do truly thank u for ur guidance, Bless It Be 😉


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