The pre-Christian past endures

The ancient traditions are now under a cloud of confusion.   But, where things any clearer back then when? asks Marc Patayin of Agence Presse.  Because the knowledge was back then, orally passed down.  Here is a list of how the pre-Christian past endures still to this day:

Sometimes it endures through saints, real or symbolic:  Yvi/if, Gwen/blanc/sacred, Houarn/iron, Ivertin/Ireland, Vener/Venus.  Through chapels elevated upon their “mountains”; the surprising cult to Sainte-Anne/Ana; out of St-Michel, the slaying of the dragon; replacing the rider at l’Anguipede and Belen; the cult to tributaries and to fountains; the tree of May; the fires of ‘la saint jean’; burning wheels of fortune in churches (cult to Jupiter/Taranis, Grannus or Belen); the metaphor of the Soule game/sul (cult to the sun); in the way Celtic and Christian festivals correspond (Imbolc/Chandeleur, Belten/1st of May, Samain/All saints day); the rite of the church tower; of the tro minihy (Locronan); the Triade figures; of the Seven brothers and seven saints; of the milking virgins or laying down; cult to the deer and to the oxen; the midgets (korrigans); the ancient toponimy (bel air); the sirens; morganes in our churches; the cold hell, etc.


Taken and adapted from:  Les dieux et deesses des Bretons, Agence Presse, by Marc Patay,


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