List of Omens of Death

Death omens:

This is a list of omens of death.  Obviously, I took this list off the Internet; so, any credit for it should not go to me. However, I did add text and comments of my own to produce the list of death omens and to then post it here. This much having been said, hat’s off to the one that did assemble this list!

How extensive it is or not, would only depend on your own knowledge of death omens. If there is one thing for sure about this very list I am producing, is that the actual number of death omens is most certainly longer than this. To make a go through each death omen on this list, would be much way too time consuming as I will be adding more to it in due time. Although, it would be a great idea to speak about each one of them, it would only divert from the task at hand to learn about the existence of omens of death in the Brittany culture (and everywhere else in the Celtic culture for that matter).

Popular thinking about omens of death and the magical effects that can be derived from them, are usually solely associated with ‘voodoo’.  To be honest about that though, to limit one’s thinking about that, would be a grave error indeed! It may be that some call it ‘voodoo’; but all magic traditions have a dark religious, dark cultural, and even dark magical aspects to them. These dark school of thoughts should not be understood as of just one tradition, because that would be stupid indeed!

Instead, let us agree to disagree. There are different types of dark religions, with their different denominations; just as much as there are different magical traditions and practices and their derivatives.  This much having been said, it is wise to know that ‘the practitioner’ of what is termed ‘voodoo’ in the popular mind, can also be a person from a Celtic background. Because, in the Celtic magical backgrounds, there are some who practice ‘black magic’ also…

To use omen’s of death of any kind, for whatever the intent an ‘operator’ may have, is to practice ‘black magic’. Voodoo, is not voodoo per say; it is ‘black magic’. And black magic is, the black arts. And the Celtic people have been know to have practiced ‘black magic’/’black arts’ for as long as the one can remember.

And this, no matter the tradition, religion, denomination, language.  The old religion of the Kelts included magic; period. If there is one thing this site demonstrates, is that such a knowledge, superstition, belief or practice of ‘the dark aspect’ of the ‘old religion’ is widespread throughout the world, and reaches deeply into the lives of all folks.

Here is not a place to debate religions; nor to try to convert anyone to any religious practices or not. But truth be known, both the old religion and Christianity have practiced magic, and it’s respective magical rituals. Both have included ‘black magic rituals’ at one level or the other. One need only read the Psalms to discover this.

No matter how you may think or not of the rituals you think is o.k. to include in the practice of your faith or belief, the practice of black magic rituals is the practice of black magic rituals. So, be extremely careful not to use any of these omens of death in the practice of magic.  Because, “it can be easily reflected back to you and in a greatly magnified form” to quote Raymond Buckland, Spells & Rituals For All Purpose.  He continues on to say: “Do not play with these, treat magic with great respect”.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with knowing about the omens of death; so to know to recognize them as such; what they are exactly; and why they are there. It is o.k. to know how to read them correctly, and to know what to do about them when they occur. Which brings us back to the list at hand.

Of course, the logical task would be to eventually read-up on those of interest to you in this list; good and proper like. It is good to better find them, and to sort them all out in your own mind. Find-out what they have in common; what differences there are between them.

At first glance, it is obvious that they are ‘presages'(omens).  So they have in common: ‘announcing’ that death is at hand. Once you know that they ‘announce the time of death is at hand’, then you can do something about it; to divert till later – the time of death.

It is precisely because they announce death, that you need to change the time of death. Because, if you can’t, the omen of death will continue to bring death on to you, or to the person it is intended for…

Death Omens 3:

Banshee, Bean-sí (Faery Woman) Bean Chaointe, Bandrhude (Woman Druid) Cygraeth, Cyhiraeth, Cyhyraeth, Cyhearaeth (The Weeper) Caoineag (Lament) Gwyvrach, Gwrach y Rhibyn (Wife of Long Fern Row on the Hayrick Thatch) Bean-Nighe (Washer Woman, Washer At the Ford) Eur cunnerez nos, Kannerez-Noz (Night Washer) Cannard Noz (Night Ducks) Les Lavandières (Night Laundresses) Faramie Women, Fare, Fara (Supreme One) Burgundofara (Supreme One of Burgundy) Dinan Teurdons (Burgundy / Borgogne) Nixies (Washers, Water Serpents) Nix Dracae (Water Dragon) Hardangers (Norwegian Glacial Plateau) Poulpikans (Provence) Horne, Dalsoald (Blind) Laatefors, Sharfors, Espelands-fors, Sognefjord (Norway) Näröfjord

When accompanying, the shape-shifter appears in the form of an animal. He can appear during sleep, or when awake. If the changeling appears in the form of a male, it is an omen of impending death. If he appears in the form of a female, then it is a guardian spirit for people or clans.
Taken and adapted from Google searches


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