About Dyring

Just as much as the banshee and others, crows are also omens of death. Actually, there are more omens of death, and they are just as terrifying as the next superstition surrounding death and Dyring.


Dyring is an important ability. It is the prediction of the time of death itself. Predicting the time of death (dyring) is most important to the person who’s death is announced. The proof that man’s time of death is of great importance, is that nature and it’s spirit world try to draw our attention to our time of death.

We are to know when our death is about to occur; and even, in what fashion it is to come upon us. Many don’t want to know when death is to hit them; while others want to know this. Some people want to know when death is upon them, because they want to prepare themselves for it, and they want the chance to delay it as much as possible. No matter how we may feel when seeing an Omen of Death, each and every one of these dark omens serve a purpose to us.

Omens of Death have been highly underrated. These types of omens are obviously ‘dark omens’. And as such, it is dangerous to use them. If foretelling a person’s death does not come to you as a ‘second nature’ (naturally, without using objects to augment this ability), then you can safely stay away from these Dyring omen’s. Unless you are a Crone, anything having to do with this Darks Art, you should try to avoid doing. If it does not come naturally to you to Dyre, is not an ability you should try to develop.

Dyring is not only to see the Dark Omens (so to interpret them), it is also to hear the dark whispers from the ‘Valley of Death’. And to seek them out when it is not the appropriate time to do so (when there is an impending death upon someone), dark shadows have been known to become annoyed when disturbed for nothing; they do not like to speak to those they do not want to speak to in the first place.

It is not that these spirits who manifest the omens just proclaim death of a person; but rather, they tell of ‘it’s moment in time’. To see such an omen, is to know that a moment of doom is at hand. The moment of death is a sacred moment; a time of passage into another area where our soul is to go to. The omens concerning this moment, this passage, tell of the moment of our own death or that of another person’s. In other words, the dark omens happen, or are highly connected to ‘the time that someone comes face to face with is own humanity’.

When an ‘omen of death’ is observed, it is then about time one starts to try to change the amount of time one has left to live. In today’s modern ways of saying things, things such as ‘predicting death’, one can say instead: the word ‘Dyring’. Most people have already heard the term: dyer straits. To be in dyer straits, is to be desperate. Used to be that, the word ‘dyer’ meant: to be in a state of extreme distress – in agony.

Dyring’ is synonymous with death. The ghostly apparitions or presages of death are also called ‘moribund’ in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In French, it is spelled: moribond.

The word ‘moribond’ broken down into parts means: Mori – to see death; bond – ‘the leap’ oneself into death; ‘to literally ‘bounce’ into death’. To see a ‘moribond’, is ‘to see the moment of death itself’; it is “to see”, to witness the actual moment when the bouncing from life into death occurs. Without wanting to be fastidious and morbid here, it is ‘to see the ‘exact moment’ of when you are good for dying, or when someone else will (not quite dead yet, but the person is on the verge of dying).

At all times, the ‘omen of death’ is always sent by The Banshee’ herself. She will not stop at sending you the dark omen; she will try to get you to negotiate with death itself. If you do so, you place yourself at her mercy.

In other words, one must not ever speak with, or do what a banshee wants. At least, not without knowing how to alter the time of one’s own death or of someone else. Unless one knows how to trick the banshee, or any other omen of death, a death will occur; period. Omens of Death, are superstitions for some, reality for others. It is the Omens of Death, such as ‘the banshee’, that are most likely at the origin of the children’s outcry on the night of the Hollow’s Ween: i.e. “trick or treat”!…

“Perronick walks through the wood on his way home. He sings as he staggers along the path, hitting stumps and trees that are like traps set by the night for those who do not treat her with proper respect. He grumbles, swears, and kicks the stones to the ground. He relieves himself against a venerable old oak.

Tapping, voices and splashing of water reach him. He suddenly comes upon a clearing with a pond; its milky-white surface glistens in the dark; six washerwomen stand around it, they are working hard; the tallest calls to him; “Come here and help us wring this sheet!” He is already holding a wet sheet in his hands as an icy shiver invades his body. …

Perronick realizes he has cursed himself. He has only one chance of escaping, and that is by always wringing in the opposite direction. If he forgets, the sheet will wind itself round his wrists and tie his arms until they break…his whole body would be crushed and dragged underwater.

He must resist until morning when dawn will drive them away with the mist. There are two moons in the old lady’s eyes, two moons dancing, now to the right, now to the left…

Perronnick was beaten and wrung until his remains and shroud merged into one and dissolved among the lost souls at the bottom of the haunted waters where the Singers of the Night dwell”.

– Pierre DuBois, La Grand Encyclopédie des Fées.

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