The Celtic Shaman

Today, the Celtic world also has ‘the shaman’.  For example, the Wicca (witches) can also call themselves a shaman.  Shaman is another word for ‘healer’, or witch doctor.

Many of the Celts Witches (women and men) from Breton, who came here to North America along with the other Breton settlers, count among their descendants some that have intermarried with the Natives here; and vice-versa.  For these descendants, the word ‘shaman’ sounds better than the word Witch, and this even though they mean the same thing.

The word ‘Shaman’ is easily interchangeable with the word witch-doctor or Witch (Wicca).  The Practitioner of Wicca is one ‘tradition’, while the North American Native ‘shamanic tradition’ is another.  It would take encyclopedic authorship abilities just to link together both these shamanic traditions in the reader’s mind.  Obviously, this would deter from the purpose at hand:  to relate that the Witches who are Celtics are also shaman.

It suffices to say, the Celtic shaman or a Wiccan, is ‘not one who sees in the dark’, but rather, is ‘one who sees in the light’. …  Though, many see in the dark just as well as in the light. Shamanic activity has been observed all over the world.  In fact, archeological shamanic discoveries have been found not only in Europe and in North America, but also in Asia, Africa, Australia, Greenland, Siberia, and in South America.

In each one of those geographical regions of the globe, shamans (a man or a women) sees with ‘the strong eye’ (the third eye)’.  They can travel to different realms, so to interact with spirits.  These witch doctors also heal, divine, cast lots, oracle, etc.  They are priests or priestesses who go from one altered state to the next; and they teach about how to do this.

Shamans are known to use objects, movement or sound to better augment their psychic ability to enter the other world.  Shaman’s use these ‘power augmenters’ to visit the spirit world; the power augmenters help in the removal of obstacles (mental limitations) to going there.  Shamans do not just work with the physical aspect of the human body, they also work with ‘the soul’ of the person; and with the ‘flame of life’(the person’s energy; life force).

It doesn’t matter what tradition a shaman (Wicca) practices, as long as knowledge and training abounds there.  It is up to the individual Witch to study the Craft.  We need to learn as much as we can about it, to affect change in our own lives as well as in the lives of those others om needing our help.


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