Weapons Forged Against You

Weapons Forged Against You

Weapons Forged Against You


An absolute casting of a spell to disarm an attacker


There are some of the Craft who combine different spells with those found in the Bible; sometimes, they may even decide to use solely the one found in the Bible.  Utilizing some spells found in this book is a personal choice for them.

Certain spells are Christian or Judaic Cabala spells; ‘mystic spells’. These are very similar to others that are not from the Christian Bible, nor from other Holy Books.  The purpose of this post is not to debate this practice, but rather to show that such spells do exist.  In fact, spells found within Holy Books such as The Old Testament, are in the same vein. They have been used for thousands of years, in their various forms by many a spell worker.

Biblical spell casting is not exclusive to Christians.  But rather, they are used by many other mystics as well; most especially among the esoteric.  It is entirely up to you if you want to use these or not; or instead, to use those of the white or dark occult arts.  Some Eclectics borrow these magical formulas too.

One very popular and powerful Biblical spell is found in Isaiah 54: 17  It is a War Time Spell, to repel a sender’s curse back to him. You can add to it, but that is not necessary.  The premise being that ‘the power is in the tongue Chakra’.  The tongue is where one of the Chakras is located.  So, when a spell is spoken with the tongue, the energy of this Chakras is employed. The energy found in the tongue Chakras is then released with the spoken words you pronounce.  The ‘speaking of the words ‘take on a magic of their own’!

However simple, this spell is not to be taken lightly.  It is a long-term spell. The attacker’s newly found state of disarmament will be revealed to you.

Isaiah 54:17  (KJV)  “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord”.

(These words are best spoken this way:  No weapon formed against me shall prosper; and every tongue that rises against me in judgment, the Lord will condemn.  Mote it be!).  I found this one, most especially efficient 🙂  This is why I personally have used it countless numbers of time; each time, it worked for real!

The intent in this Defense and Offense is simply stated – and to the point.  It is a command that leaves no room for exceptions.  The order is, to make this so!  In other words, this is not for the fluffy-bunny who is a hyper-sensitive spell-worker.

The one speaking these words does not have to necessarily have any faith. The mere fact that one speaks these words aloud, implies that the caster has enough faith. The words spoken with the tongue is a command to make it so; all the energies (from the King of the Angels and downwards) must work to make it so. This spell is not one that can be taken back; because this command/order is to be used only when an attacker needs to be disarmed against the speaker of the words.  It is then – an absolute spell.

Because it is an absolute spell, the casting of this spell to disarm an attacker needs to be clearly understood.  This is not a spell to harm someone, but rather, it is sending out on the astral plane a command for the Angels to ‘defend you’ by disarming your attackers.

Weapons Forged Against You

Weapons Forged Against You

What this order to defend ‘you’ actually means, is quite simple.  It means that if someone digs your grave, his grave will be dug also; but not by you.  If someone puts you into your grave, he will be put into his grave also; but not by you.  Even if he should succeed in killing you and burying you, he will then be killed and buried too; just not by you. The same weapon he has employed to kill you will be the weapon used to kill him  – to kill him – but just not by you.  In other words, the very same way and means he has used against you, is the very same way and means used against him. That even if he should succeed in killing you, he will not prevail; the victory will not be his.  Which brings the old saying to mind:  “he that laughs first will laugh last”.

His victory might be sweet – for a while, but it will come back to bite him. This is what is meant by: “they shall not prevail against you”. It shall not prevail because his means shall be turned against him.  His own weapons will be the weapons with which you shall prevail over him. You will be avenged by the Lord Himself. The Esoterics who practice the Kabbala or the Golden Dawn system are of the understanding that, “the Lord” mentioned here a tad differently than Christians would.  (In the esoteric, eclectic Witchy ways, this scripture and its notions are understood as – “it is your enemy’s karma.”  What he has put out there to be used against you, will come back to him in waves of Karma).

These weapons that will not prevail against you, are going to be used against him by the Lord himself (the lord of your understanding).  And by no one else but Him.  If you want, you can understand this from a Christian God’ perspective, or from the perspective of a male god of your own understanding.  It is He, the male god of your understanding, and only He – who will make it so.  In other words, it will be that god of your understanding, who will be digging the grave of your enemy; if your attacker first digs your grave.

Weapons Forged Against You

Weapons Forged Against You

Many get stuck on the word “righteousness” when thinking about saying this Bible verse as a defense/Offense against an attacker.  For those in the craft, their perspective is different from that of a Christian’s. Those in the Craft could understand this “righteousness” as the positive ripples of one’s karma; the energy made by what has been put out there. That energy comes back to the sender as waves of karma. If an enemy puts out ‘negative waves of Karma’, negativity well be returning to him; as he is the negativity maker. In this command to defend you, there is no negative Karma returning to you, because the gods judge your cause, and find it a good one; and they take it upon themselves. This is so, for as long as you do not take it back upon yourself.

This defense spell is to be used only when it is a ‘good cause you are fighting for’. To revenge yourself against those using the weapons formed against you (those concerned by this spell) would nullify this spell.  If you do anything at all, the karma it entails will be your own then; because it is a matter of ‘justice’ sought for.

This type of casting is not about you stopping the weapons from hurting you.  It is about you giving the command so that your enemy’s weapons will not prevail against you.  Always keep this at the front of your mind when casting this particular type of ‘command spell’.

” (…) and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.”  You can understand this part of the spell as ‘someone judging you’ all you want; but what this refers to, are those ‘pronouncing with their tongue chakra – an attack spell against you’ with their tongue.

If you think about this more, “in judgment” actually means that:  when witnesses against you… or when someone casts a malediction or an attack spell against you – along with others. Then, he is actually ‘judging you, and sentencing you in the physical realm, and damning you to suffer its ill effect – in this world and in the after-world – with others, or before others.  In this part of the ‘weapons formed against you” spell, it states very clearly, for ‘you’ to condemn them; because ‘they are in the wrong’ in the eyes of the gods.

You must first ‘accuse’ every tongue that has risen against you, in judgment, before the gods:

1. For having risen against you with their tongues.
2. For having exercised a wrongful judgment against you (as false witnesses before the gods).
3. You must have proof of this wrong.  Proof must be given before the gods of your understanding, by presenting a witness to this type of rising against you.

More so, it really does not matter if someone will stand with you or not to serve as a witness.  Someone has witnessed it, period.  You can even be that witness yourself, by witnessing on your on account. In so far as proof is concerned, the wrong doings (the negative energy), the negativity in the words pronounced that are used against you, and their consequences – suffice as proof enough.

It may very well be that attacks are coming at you from everywhere; “every tongue”.  In all the domains of your life, and all at the same time; and from many people in the same time span.  Know then, this is a spiritual attack; even if you do not know exactly from whom it is coming from. Know then, that this is coming from a powerful spiritual war-lord.  Even then, this casting of this simple ‘no weapons formed against you’ spell, is powerful enough for their own karma to hit them back – thirteen-fold even.

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