Shape-shifting, the malediction

Although rare, a shape-shifting malediction (curse) endures in our modern culture.  The proof of this is on our television, in the cinemas, on radio, and in some newspapers and magazines. It’s in our children’s fairy tales, and in our urban legends.

No matter if you are a person of faith or not, in any case, we would do well to understand this type of curse.   Particularly in a time where some people still get brutally attacked and killed in ravenous ways.  Perhaps this sort of discussion about a shape-shifting curse needs to be brought to light.

What is a malediction:

In modern English, a malediction is a curse.  The definition of malediction, (curse, damnation), according to the Oxford Dictionary, is “a magic word or phrase uttered with the intent of bringing about evil or destruction.”  In other words, a malediction is a state of inevitable misfortune that seems to impose, by a divinity, fate or destiny.  A malediction is also a ritual calling upon divine powers to exercise their ‘punitive action’ against a person or a group of individuals who are the objects of the malediction.

About the punitive action:

This punitive action is a form a discipline; a kind of punishment, a sentence, a penalty  – in other words.   A punitive sentence – that seems to act as a ‘negative’ bewitchment.  A bewitchment is a misfortune that acts upon a reputation, and that makes it, so other people will beware of this person.  You know what they say!  Those that resemble each other, assemble together!  Faced with the possibility that the ‘misfortune’ falls upon them also, they fear to frequent the misfortunate.

It was commonplace to hear about a killer werewolf, or a vampire, or a chimera in villages.  Many believed that the power to transform others into a wild beast, by malediction, came from sorcerers, gods, and the devil.  Shape-shifting into a brutal mass murdering person or animal can also be the result of Divine punishment.  The Christianized Bretons and the French believed that the Devil transformed sorcerers.  However, the Bretons and the French also believed that involuntary shape-shifting is rare.

No matter if you think this malediction came from a cursed sorcerer (or from a Satan character, magic spell, Divinity), identifying the person who ‘pronounced’ the transformation curse is essential.  And this even if evil comes out from the most unexpected of persons and places.

Malediction from unexpected persons and places:

When researching from whom and where a curse originated, remain aware that it may come from unexpected persons and places.  Pastors or Priests of any given religion, or denomination, also pronounce curses over people.  They band or shun, even excommunicate people.  These people of faith or of spiritual traditions also believe in shape-shifters.

As an example of this, Saint Thomas d’Aquin stated that the angels (the good ones and the bad ones) have the power to transform human bodies.  Priests and individual saints seemed to have access to that power also.  Zeus inflicted the king of Arcadia, Lycaon; but some say that Saint Patrick transformed the Welch king Vereticus into a wolf and that Saint Natalis damned an illustrious Irish family.  Medieval and Renaissance literature abounds with examples where the saints, just as much as the Divine, dammed by lycanthropy (by ware-wolf, chimera, vampire), those who provoked their anger.

An excommunication is also a condemnation.  It’s actually an officially pronounced malediction to transform; and this against the person’s will.  The average person is not aware that a shunning or an excommunication is a curse upon them.  Excommunicated Roman Catholics were often suspected of becoming shape-shifters because they had been removed from the Holy Sea, and sent back to the Principality of the Air.

The mere fact that the Pope signed someone’s excommunication meant that the person was banished from God’s presence, and from then on belonged to the Devil.  From a Roman Catholic perspective, the soul was then ‘transformed’ from a state of ‘a saved soul to one of a ‘lost soul.’  In other words, he was transformed into a person who would never find peace or rest.  After the excommunicated’s death, the person would be refused burial in hallowed ground.

About invocations:

There are old religion as well as Christian incantations to invoke shape-shifting upon other people.  i.e.  The Songs of the Russian people.   The power to transform oneself is a desire invoked by rituals and allegiances.  In some cases, so to satisfy a craving for human flesh.

This is a cruel world we live in.  There are Christians or non-Christians alike, who invoke hateful curses upon other people.  They concerned about if they put to death human creatures by invoking a foul shape-shifting malediction upon themselves or somebody else.  Among the materials needed to transform, is the invoking of those vicious killer animal creatures that have a heart full of hatred.

What is Shape-Shifting:

Shape-shifting is the voyage of the soul.  The shape-shifter can be a spirit that comes out of his tomb in the form of a ferocious animal.  It is therefore assumed, it is the soul of the damned that does not find rest in its grave.  Because it does not find rest, the damned soul is looking for a host; a host who is preferably human.

What then follows is a daily confrontation, between the human soul (the mind) and the damned soul.  The confrontation between the two is for the possession of the body itself.  If the lost soul loses the battle, then it will look to devour victims while leaving the body of the person suffering from shape-shifting in a trans.

Bad is all around.  It fills the nebulous (dark)void left during the transformation.  It also tries to seize the transformation (the change) itself, just as much as the double (the creature, the astral traveler changes into).  Bad does this out of hatred, and to kill.  A well-intentioned person who wants to shape-shift needs to surround himself with protection that is not filled with hate.  It is rare when this happens, but when a person shape-shifts against his own will, it is the result of a malediction (a curse).  A curse can be removed.  And yes, there is protection against a killer shape-shifting curse.


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