Shape-shifting, the brutal and the malicious

We live in a cruel world. It is part of our human nature to become brutally malicious towards other men. For people, the transition from picking fruit off trees to hunting meat was a conscious process. This development has provoked an emotional upset that has remained branded within us. We keep this ‘upset’ through the belief in the shape-shifters who hunt and kill people.

An original, brutal and vicious shape-shifter who hunts, can kill people by the hundreds; by the thousands, sometimes more. Humanity has always been fascinated by those who do not live by the same rules as the rest of us.  Hunters and Killers of men represent the dark face of the human race. This type of shape-shifter is free of the restraints our civilization imposes upon us. He magnifies that carnivorous energy within human nature.

When humanity started hunting, this was of great benefit to it.  Man (the hunter) was of good intentions; his hunt and his kill satisfied his hunger.  A sufficient ingestion of proteins made him stronger and smarter.  Because man was now more energetic, he was able to create better tools that made his life easier on him and on the people who depended on him.

But not all men were of good intentions when hunting for food. To benefit entire communities with our hunting skills is a good thing. The need to be good to ourselves and others is an active, universal principle. However, that very same universal principle also applies to malicious people who produce harmful effects upon us. Malicious people can create nightmares instead of peaceful dreams.  There are many reports of people seeing them in dreams, and of seeing them in dreams after performing Dream Interpretations or Tarot Readings.  The carnivorous hunters seen in such dreams are animals or other humans that are our vicious enemies.

There was a school of thought among astral travelers as well as among exorcists of the 20th century. A school of thought in which a cruel person, feeding with pleasure on the horrible things in life, could project his astral body outside of his physical body – to hunt and kill people. While at the same time, all the wrong in his physical environment could enter his physical body. The bad could seize even his astral projection and his double also. That school of thought endures to this day.

‘Nature does not tolerate a void; it fills it.’ When a mass murderous astral voyager transforms into a ferocious wolf or another ferocious animal, the forces of evil materialize themselves.  The forces of evil materialize themselves better in humankind; in a person.  They fill that void more quickly in an evil man than into a vague emptiness.  For as long as man has walked on earth Hunter and Killer shape-shifters are the most adverse manifestations in all of humanity. Some cruel astral travelers work with the bad; the bad around such people fills the void they have left – while transforming.

Even if there are dangerous evil shape-shifters, it does not go to say that there are any good ones. Some shape-shifters work in the light – with love; and then there are others who work with both the light and the dark, but that are good. These are called the ‘grays’ energy workers.

These shape-shifters who work in the light – with love, are astral travelers who know how to protect themselves against the wrong there; it does not seize them.  However, there is, the average astral traveler is too eager or is just plain badly trained to protect themselves adequately. The average mind is not focused, and clearly unprepared for astral travel. Such immature astral travelers are defenseless against the forces of evil in their environment that can enter very quickly to fill the void left by an out-pour of energy into the astral world.

Also, due to an illness, there are those other astral travelers who are too weak to astral travel. People who live by the rules set upon them by society, and who transform, need to know that there is evil around them.  It tries to control them or seize them with its negatively. Bad attempts to do this so to usurp their astral travel plans and make them do evil things to people.  In other words, one does toy with astral travel.

In summary, ferocious and vicious shape-shifting takes place in two different ways; either voluntarily or involuntarily.  Voluntarily, when an individual consciously chooses to practice with the bad.  Involuntarily, when astral travel is uncontrolled; it is then against his will, and causes him a sufferance. Astral travel can be acquired by birth or heredity; by malediction or possession; by ritual or by insufficient protection; by absorbing blood and animal or human flesh; or when weakened by a physical or mental illness.

In conclusion, before astral traveling, be sure to research it thoroughly. Take your time to get to know the person who encourages you to astral travel; make sure of their intentions towards you. Don’t rush into astral travel, learn how you can completely protect yourself first. Don’t be naïve, understand that the bad, just as the good, is out there in your physical and astral environments. Moreover, remember this much: astral travel can harm you and others.  So be smart about it; learn the necessary and intelligent protections.



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