Astral Senses, the Knower

The human brain is awesome.  It is capable of understanding anything.  To do this, all it really requires is to learn and be properly trained. After that, it need only think something up so to make it so.

It is said of man’s brain, all it needs to do is to think something up, and it happens.  As a matter of fact, and as it stands, man has already invented everything he can think of. The problem is not for man to think-up something, the problem is for industry and technology to ketch-up to man – so man can continue making life better for himself and for his loved-ones.

When man started to hunt, for example, man thought about what hunting tools he would need so to actually go hunting with.  Once he was able to find or make hunting tools, he not only was able to hunt, he also was able to teach other people to hunt along with him.  Life became better all-around for all those concerned.  Coming out from the Bronze Age, man thought he could get himself better warring tools so to better defend himself and his family against an enemy, or for more land and power.  It was only once man had figured out how to find and then forge himself a better sword, did he assure for himself dominance over those trying to conquer him.  Because of is sword, he was able to recruit and train an army of men who could live to fight another day; a day longer than an enemy who didn’t have such a sword.  When Christopher Columbus sailed to America, he first needed ships that could carry him there and back over a perilous ocean.   But he couldn’t have ever gone there and back if his ships would have sunk.  When man invented the computer chip, he had to wait a while longer before actually making one. He had to wait for the right materials, so he could make it small enough to store in it all his data and information. It was only afterwards, when man could make a computer chip that was small enough, could greater technological advancements be achieved.

These examples of man’s discoveries and inventions go to show what must come to pass so man’s life could become easier for him. It is because man’s brain understands what needs to be done and how to do it, that man’s life becomes better. The human brain knows how man can better himself in life.  It understands man environment and what he needs to survive with.

The brain receives the information it requires to do this with – from the information it got from the senses. The senses pick-up what they perceive from the world outside of man, and then sends it up as facts to the brain.  The brain, in turn, then understands it and reaches a conclusion about it all.  Basing itself on the knowledge it has accumulated from past experiences, the brain then ‘knows’ what orders to give out and to what proper body parts (so they can react in consequence to man’s outside world. In other words, the brain knows!

This is how man knows to flee from danger.  To hunt so he can eat.  To store water for when he next is thirsty; to make fire and clothing when he is cold; to treat his women with respect, so his children will respect him; to plant his crops in his fields, because it is the planting season; to store food for the winter, for the leaner times; to get along with his neighbors, so they will fight by his side so to protect his home and family when an invader threatens them; to make promises he can keep, in case he should need credit when his money runs out; to live morally, so to avoid disease; to use soap to avoid pestilence; to learn and study so to better train his mind to do things he never thought possible before.  Somehow, the brain just knows ‘intuitively’ that with some common sense, man will get along just fine in his world.

Sometimes, life throws man a curve ball.  “Shit happens, things go wrong”.  Man can become discouraged.  That is when man looks for hope so he can get through the bad times.  He looks for divine help and intervention, when faced with his own humanity.  Intuitively, the brain just knows when things are beyond its control.  It begins to search for better information than that provided by the body’s five senses. When the body’s physical senses don’t supply enough of data, the brain finds a better source, deeper ones so to make a better choice. It uses ‘intuition’ when things aren’t that clear enough for it to understand how to assure man’s happiness.  It leans upon the ‘knowing’ brain function to find a better outcome.

When some people think their five senses are what gives man intuition, they ‘limit’ their understanding of themselves. They are limited to those five physical senses; “thinking that all knowledge and wisdom come from those”. Thus they become unaware of the higher forms of thinking and reasoning”.  They do not “intelligently grasp the nature of high psychic faculties and senses”.

Senses are “channels through which man becomes aware of the environment outside of himself”. Our five physical senses are not the only senses that pick-up information to send to the brain.  We have much more than those.  The ego, the soul, and the mind also pick-up information from the outside world – to send it to the brain.  These senses put together, are ‘the Knower”.  The Knower, is what ‘makes sense’ of the information picked-up by the five physical senses.  These five basic senses are ‘the fundamental’ sense; our basic survival in the world.  Whereas, ‘the Knower’ is, a high faculty and sense.

Children who reach the age of seven, or who are very close to that age number, are told by their parents and teachers, that they (the children) have now reached ‘the age of reason’.  It is at that age when they are expected ‘to know’ the difference between what is right and what is wrong. .  This is because their ego is now deemed to have reached that level of maturity; that children at that age are told they can now “understand” and “reason things through’; and, at a higher level of reasoning than what they had become accustomed to doing.

Children whose significant adults fail to teach them accountability to other people than themselves, are cut-off from the rest of the world – in a manner of speaking.  Their ego does not listen to their Knower’; these children do not get to sharpen their ‘intuitive skills’. Thus, they block out many of the messages necessary to make good or bad decisions with, so to survive with in this cruel world.

The human brain becomes even more powerful with the help of ‘the knower’.  The Knower is the function capable of understanding the world even more.  By proper training, it would only need to learn even more about it all.


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