Astral Travel vs Astral Perceiving

It is common place, today, for people to know about astral travel and astral senses.  Some who use their astral senses can do so, but only from time to time when they accidentally tap into them.  While other people who live intuitively, tap into them by chance through trial and error. Then there are those who can tap into their astral senses – nearly at will. Properly trained in the usage of astral senses, the later people can turn it off or on – nearly at will.

What is not common place, about our astral senses, is knowing how to use them and by whom. Most people think that these types of senses are only at the beck-and-call of those who astral travel.  Such belief is far from the truth.  In fact, the average intuitive does not actually travel to the astral plane at all.  And this even though, they do know things about it.

So to actually astral travel, takes knowledge and training, and practice.  Though some people do tell of an out-of-body experience.  They can describe what they saw and what they heard and who they met there, but they did not actually astral travel.

An out-of-body experience, basically, is when the spirit leaves the body and stays around for a while; only to return to the body when it is time to do so.  This out-of-body experience is a temporary solution for the person’s spirit until the body is capable to be alive again.

Somehow, a person’s spirit knows in advance, that the body will suffer a fatal trauma.  The kind of trauma that will cause horrific pain and subsequent death to the physical body. In order to avoid feeling such an horrific pain, the spirit will avoid it entirely by leaving the body. For example, in the case of a fatal accident or a brutal murder; just before the person feels an horrific pain, the spirit will escape from the victim’s body.  This is why some people leave their body and then pronounced dead, only to come back afterwards.  In the case of an out-of-body experience, the person can either remember what happened to them or not while they were dead.

Some people, who have had an  out-of-body experience, can recount what happened to them while they were dead.  They can remember, in great detail, what happened to them; what they heard and saw. They can even remember the names of the people they spoke with there outside of their bodies.  People who left their bodies when dead and came back to tell about it, usually did not want to come back to be once again with the living; but were made to do so, and were permitted to remember it all for a purpose.  While others do not remember a thing about it.  Why?  They do not know…

Whereas, in the case of astral travel, the spirit does not leave the body.  It remains in the body .  The person will ask his friends not move him, during his astral travel. While the physical body remains in the same place, here in the physical world, the astral body voyages into the astral world. The astral body remains securely well anchored to its physical body by means of the ‘silver cord’.  In some traditions, the silver cord is the person’s ‘astral umbilical cord’; and in other’s, it is the astral spine (the serpent).

The average intuitive does not actually astral travel to the astral plane at all.  And this even though, they know things about it.  Such is the case in clairvoyance, astral visioning, and psychometry.  People who do this, can at will or not, sense the astral world with their astral senses without leaving their body.  Many of these intuitive do not even enter a trance to do so.

Some of them do this without thinking about doing so on purpose.  Some don’t even want to do it all, but they do so accidentally.  Some others, do so on purpose without any special tools at all; they just can.  While others can, but only when using astral enhancing tools.

One useful apparatus during crystal gazing, is the crystal ball.  The crystal ball is not a supernatural object with special powers.  It is but a useful tool in which the gazer looks into – to see the astral world.     The gazer focuses his own energy to connect with the astral plane.

In clairvoyance, the seer does not need to astral travel, nor does he need a useful apparatus or object  so to see into the astral world.  The clairvoyant sees into the astral world with his astral sense of sight (with his astral eyes).  He can clearly see what is going on in there.  Such is the case in ‘past clairvoyance’ (astral seeing of past events), in the case of a ‘future clairvoyance’ (astral seeing of future events), and in (prophetic seeing).

These are not astral voyages.  But rather, they are ‘astral perceptions’.  It is the “astral perceiving” of what is happening in the astral plane.


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