Knowing at a distance

Knowing at a distance, is ‘the sense of becoming aware’. The sense of becoming aware is called ‘telepathy’. Telepathy, is ‘the becoming aware of other people’s thoughts and emotions.  Many refer to it, as the telepathic faculty.

Telepathic awareness, or the telepathic sense, is part of the seven basic physical senses.  It has an astral counterpart called ‘clairvoyance’..  Humans are not the only ones with this sense of awareness of other people’s thoughts and emotions.  Animals also posses that instinct, or the telepathic faculty of sensing emotions or thoughts in humans.  The family dog can sense the mental state of its human; what its human is thinking and feeling.

Primitive man could sense the feelings and designs of other men.  He could not ‘reason-out’ , but could ‘feel’ the ideas and designs of others.  His woman was more sensitive than he was, and more adept at ‘quick telepathy’.  She could quickly ‘interpret’ the reports sent to her brain by her physical senses.

Civilized man has lost ‘quick telepathy’.  But he has acquired a faculty of “receiving and  interpreting more complex forms of thoughts and mental states”.  This is the acquired faculty of thought transference.

At the unconscious level,  all of us receive waves of thoughts from other people; but not spontaneously.  Since telepathy is not spontaneous in the average person, it is difficult for us to correctly interpret thoughts and feeling received from other people.  In the astral telepathic sense, we would have to ‘switch-on’ the astral telepathic sense of receiving thoughts and emotions of others; it won’t work when it is ‘switched-off’.

How a person could receive or send telepathic thoughts and emotions was a mystery to primitive man.  It just came naturally to him, just like breathing.  It took science a long time to figure it all out.  But today, the average high-school student has the basic knowledge to understand this with.

To better understand how telepathy works, all that is required are the fundamentals of chemistry and physics.  But if you are like me, just thinking about chemistry and physics takes mind leaps.  So, the best part about telepathic awareness is, that it doesn’t really matter if we cried over those high-school subjects or not.  The proof of this, is in the everyday workings of modern science; all we need do is to consider what we already have in our homes to understand, perhaps in a naïve way, that we don’t have to be a Einstein so to use it.

All we need do when the telephone rings, is to pick up the receiver and say hello! And voilà!  We don’t even think about it much; we don’t even need to believe that we can actually hear the thoughts and emotions of the person at the other end.  Yet, we just do hear them anyways!  When we power-up our laptops, we don’t need to understand all about the computer chip – just so to get online.  We just press a button, and voilà!  When its getting dark, we don’t need to believe in the power of the light-bulb, nor understand the principle of chemistry and physics behind its invention.  We just touch a switch, and voilà!  When we want to take a shower, we don’t need to figure out how the water got there, it just is!  Same goes for the telepathic sensing of ideas and emotions; we are aware of it, or we are not.

For the brainiac who absolutely needs to understand how a person can receive and send telepathic thoughts and emotions, suffice it say:  it’s all ‘because of brain power’.  “Every manifestation of mental and emotional activity is the result of an action by the brain or nervous system, manifesting in the form of a vibration”.

When there is brain activity, “there is the consuming, or transformation of a substance which the nervous system is composed of”. There is no destruction of this substance, but rather, a ‘transformation’ of it.  When this happens, there is a transformation of the energy released by thought and emotional process.  In the same way as electric current is released into space in the form of wireless waves, our brain releases thought and emotions in the form of wireless waves.  These waves come into contact with certain forms of apparatus, and are transformed into forms of force, and subsequently get registered and interpreted by a wireless operator.

According to Swami Panchadasi, in his book ‘Clairvoyance and the Occult Powers’, ideas and emotions get sent out in the form of telepathic waves that go out in every direction. When a ‘sensitive’ person (an Intuitive) picks them up, these waves then get reproduced and re-transformed into thoughts and mental states of the same types that originally sent them forth.

Whereas, clairvoyant-telepathy (or astral-telepathy), is a transmission of force along the astral plane.  Unlike the waves of thoughts and emotions traveling in the universe until they come into contact with a ‘sensitive.  Clairvoyant-telepathy is ” your astral-self extending itself out until it actually touches the astral-self of another person, and actually feels the astral activity there”.  It is like your astral mind actually extending itself out to touch another astral mind to see what is there.  Whereas ordinary physical telepath (the Intuitive), is knowing at a distance.

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