The Law of the Psychic Atmosphere

Psychics are sensitive people.  They pick-up on the atmosphere surrounding other people, places and things.  These ‘sensitives’ are telepathic receptors for other people’s thoughts and emotions.

Whenever a person gets an idea, it is translated (so to speak) into a reaction.  The person reacts in an emotional way to his own ideas.  He may feel sad or happy about them; or proud or disappointed in them.  His reaction to them emanates from him.

The emanation of our thoughts and feelings go out in waves into the universe.  Some people call those waves, vibrations.  These vibes get picked up by sensitive people; by people who can sense them.

Another way of describing the phenomena of ‘sensitive people picking-up on vibes’, is to describe the psychic atmosphere.  All around the human body is an ‘atmosphere’.  This atmosphere surrounding the human body, is made up of emanations. These are the emanations of our ‘reaction’ to our own feelings and thoughts we produce.  Our atmosphere can be one of sadness, or of happiness, or of sexual arousal, etc.  The atmosphere all around a person gets picked-up by another person who is a sensitive.

The sensitive person who picks-up on the atmosphere surrounding another person, starts to feel the same way as the person emanating the atmosphere.  The sensitive will, out of the blue and apparently for no reason, start to feel sad. When before getting close to that person, she was happy.  Or she will start to feel happy, when before she felt sad.  Or she will start to feel sexually aroused, when before she felt satisfied.  This is when the psychic needs to learn to differentiate between her own true feelings and thoughts from another person’s feelings and thoughts.

It is common place for a sensitive to be told they need to “stop being so sensitive”.  They are often told this because they are in reaction to another person’s opinions or hurtful comments about them.  When someone is in a hurtful mood, he transmits this upon other people; his hurtful atmosphere gets communicated to others in close vicinity to him.  We’ve all heard the phrase:  “if his eyes were bullets, you would be dead by now”.

Apparently, picking-up on other people’s atmosphere is not as rare as some would think.  There are much more people who pick-up on vibes from other people than our ‘common sense society’ would care to admit.  The atmospheric phenomena manifested outside of our body is part of our culture.  It is mentioned in our fairy tales, in our myths and lore, in our romance novels, in our religious and sacred books, in our movies and cartoons; and even in every day conversations with family and friends and co-workers.

Picking-up on the atmosphere surrounding someone, is a common place occurrence. So much so, this phenomena has become a law onto itself.  It is the ‘law of the atmosphere’, if one may call it that.  It seems to be the law, that every living thing, and that every place or object has an atmosphere surrounding it.  One needs only travel to a foreign country to feel its atmosphere.  One needs only visit a region, to take-in its atmosphere.  One needs only stand outside of a city, to feel the atmosphere there.  Or stand outside of a building; we can feel the atmosphere in there.  Or go to a party with lots of people there, a sensitive person  will adopt the atmosphere they put-out.  Even after a politician’s speech that really says absolutely nothing in particular, the entire country will react to the political climate his speech creates. We live our lives through under the law of the atmosphere’.

The Law of Atmosphere not only affects us in the immediate,  it affects us even after a person as left our immediate vicinity; or even after the person is long dead.  A good example of the lasting effects of psychic atmosphere, is the antagonist. .  When a person enters a room, you can sense or feel is antagonism even when he appears to be friendly towards you.   Once he leaves the room, you can still feel his antagonism towards you. And this, even days, or weeks, or months, or years later.  Continuing to feel an atmosphere created by someone else, even years later, is due to the vibrations remaining in that place you were both in. His vibrations or waves upon which his antagonistic thoughts and feelings got carried on, are still there in the living-room, or  the in church, or the apartment building.

Everyone gets bombarded, and on a daily basis, by thoughts and feelings belonging to other people; even by those belonging to people who have since left there. .  These thoughts and feelings could have been sent out by people who have since then passed-away; or by people who are still alive but have moved on with their lives.  Nevertheless, their thoughts and feelings still linger there, in the place where they had first released them.

Nature has a funny way of protecting us from the daily onslaught of thoughts and emotions long ago emanated by other people.  Nature has given us a ‘filter’.  This filter actually filters out  those thoughts and feelings that are just floating around out there in the world.  Or is it a ‘sifter’?

It is also part of the Law of atmosphere, that vibrations or waves of thoughts and feelings we pick-up from the millions of people out there in our world, get filtered and sifted through to our ‘unconscious’  and our ‘conscious’ .  What our brain deems unnecessary, it sends to our unconscious.  What it deems we need to focus on  immediately, it sends to our conscious.  What is sent to our unconscious, infiltrates our dreams; what is sent to our conscious, is felt by us as if our own thoughts and feelings.  It would seem our brain is a busy little fellow indeed!  It never stops filtering and sifting through the multitude of data it receives on a daily basis from other people’s atmospheric emanations.

Wheather we like it or not, as a sensitive person (or as a psychic, if your would rather call it like this), we pick-up on the atmosphere that surrounds the bodies of the people we come in contact with.  This type of atmosphere is composed of reactions and thoughts released by the person; those eventually make their way out into the universe. Our brain works overtime, making sure we pay attention to the important ones.


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