Telepathy, the Law of Attraction

Ask any man what made him fall in love with his wife, and he will answer:  “Opposites attract”.  It’s the law of attraction in the physical world.  But in telepathy, the law of attraction is “affinities attract”.

When boy meets girl, boy wants to get his hands on her physical differences; but when girl meets boy, she ‘loves’ everything about him, he is so different.  Girl will make sure boy notices she is very different from him.  She will tell all her friends about the dreamboat she met yesterday; and boy will tell his friends all about the girl he hopes to get lucky with.  Boy then puts away her phone number along with the other ones in his collection.  Which will make for strong children, says the girl already planning their wedding.

In telepathy, just thinking about someone does not make for strong children; though, it has been known to help things along.  If one could bottle what makes people, who think about each other, eventually fall in love and get married and have children, one would become a millionaire overnight.  Unfortunately, it is just a secret; a secret known by millions of married couples and lovers throughout the world, and down through history.  It is affinity…

The secret is in the thoughts lovers share together.  Even when not in the same space, and when not even on the same continent, lovers think of each other and want to be together.  The vibrations of the thoughts and desires of the sender, are sent out into the world upon waves of vibrations.  These same vibrations full of affinity, are then captured and received by the receiver.  The receiver’s brain brings-up these thoughts and feelings for his immediate attention.  Since it is in his nature, he likes same thoughts and feelings as the sender does, there is an affinity. The receiver begins to think and feel in the same way as the sender.  They become totally like minded and are vibrating in harmony to each other.  So much so, that they would be hard-pressed to say which one of the two was the first to think and feel that way.  It is the Telepathic Law of Attraction (Telepathic Law of Affinity)!

In magick, people who craft Love Spells must thread carefully when agreeing to do so.  Because of the Law of Attraction (the Law of Affinity).  When a man and a women do not fall in love with eachother in the usual way, then there is no telepathic affinity (no attraction of the minds) between the two of them. Their rhythms (or vibrations) are not the same; when two person’s vibrating rhythm are different, they will not like to be together for the rest of their lives through.  The man (or the women if such is the case) has a separate will on the subject of whom they will fall in love with.  When the spell caster performs a love spell on a man whose will is to not love the women in question, it may be that the women will get the man to ‘think he is in love with her’.  But she will pay the price doing that him, against his will. Because, once the man realizes he is with a women he really does not want or love (because they do not think or feel in the same way), he will leave her only after he has made her pay the price. The price? Is Hell to pay – by her!  After all has been said and done, she has not impressed him affinity wise…

When a women or a man do not “impress” each other, it is comparable to when you are driving down a busy street.  When driving down a busy street, you notice the cars. The brain, in all its wisdom and knowledge of your likes and dislikes, knows your favorite car color; red. You have an affinity for the color red, so when there is a red car coming on the opposite side of the white line, your brain will automatically send you the visual message that there is a red car on the other side.  Your attention will then be focused on that red car.  But when there are cars of any other color on the other side of the white line, you will hardly notice them. Because you do not like the colors of those other cars.

Same goes for the man, when a man likes the same kind of thoughts and feelings as she does, he will be impressed by them; he will feel the same way as she does. And no magick love spell in the world could drag him away from those likable thoughts and feelings. However, if he already likes the women’s thoughts and vibrations, then the love spell will serve to enhance their energy together, and they will live happily ever after!

“We are impressed” only by the strongest vibrations which reach us.  And then only by those we have attracted to ourselves, or which prove attractive to us, by reason of our own ‘likes and dislikes’.  It is human nature, that some vibrations get neutralized; those are neutralized by the effect the opposing character of certain unattractive thoughts and feelings bring. The key here, is that they are of an “opposing” character”.  i.e. Hot and cold water together.  The effects of hot water are neutralized by the effects of cold water.  When a man really goes for specific likable thoughts and feelings broadcasted by a women, other types of thoughts and feelings from another ‘unlikable’ women will throw a damper on the guy’s enthusiasms.  He knows what he likes, and wants what he likes.

In the world of telepathy, similar thoughts attract each other.  Thoughts saying they like something we like, are similar to our own.  Thoughts saying they like something we don’t like, are dissimilar to our own.  Thoughts that are similar in  nature to our own, we prefer to pay attention to, because they correspond to our own nature.

Non-corresponding thoughts and feelings, that are not in harmony to our own nature, get repelled.  We do not want to pay attention to those.  There would be no manifestation of harmony in paying attention to those.


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