The Chi

Many Witches do not use the aid of enhancing tools.  Mainly because of their family or financial situations.  Others, simply because they do not have the luxury of privacy.  Yet, it is said of these toolless Witches, they are powerful anyway.

There are different doctrines about a Witch’s power.  Some learned scholars of the Craft and of the Practice, are adamant in saying that tools are essential.  Where as others state, the proper construction of the words employed are.  All depending on the Witch’s own belief system, tools and words can be coordinated to work together, but tools are not necessarily essential; but the words are.

It is a matter of understanding the ‘power’ the Witch possesses (toolless or not), or that power and energies she can call upon.  For example, everything around us has energy.   All a Witch really needs to do – is to sense the energy around her; to harness it up; to call upon it (the Chi); to then imagine the willed outcome; to will it so; and then, to throw the Chi in that direction (to or at someone or something).  It is ‘the will’ that directs the energy. This is why it is not necessary, nor obligatory to set the stage for magick to manifest the resulting outcome.  There is no real need in magick for fancy dresses and jewelry, nor for expensive wands and weapons, nor for perfumes and sparkles.

What need for paraphernalia in witchcraft or Magick, is mostly for when one needs to fool the eye.  To divert ones attention, as in stage magician tricks, etc.  However, newbie Witches may need some training exercises to develop self-assurance when it comes down to their own Chi.  In such cases, little lessons and exercises, and the assistance of ‘energy enhancing tools’ could help develop self-confidence in our own Chi. In other words, there is no need for us to ‘box ourselves in’…

One fine example of an exercise in Chi development, is the everyday sewing needle.  Sewing needles are very cheap, inexpensive.  By passing a nine-inch length of ordinary sewing needle thread through the eye of the needle, it becomes a pendulum that will work just as good as an expensive one. Then take an ordinary piece of typing paper, draw a line in the middle of it (from top to bottom).  On your strong side, write down the word “yes”; on your weak side, write down the word “no”.  Holding your needle above the piece of paper, above the line you have drawn to show its middle, let the needle just hang over it (about three inches above that line).  And ask a question to which a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ answer is required.  And watch your needle go to that side of the line in which the answer is found.  The needle should swing to the answer, or it may spin around, or even lift itself up.  Voila!  You have a pendulum and a pendulum chart! And you have just seen with your own eyes, your Chi in action… Now believe in yourself, in your power, and in what you can do with your Chi, as well as the Chi around you in your environment!


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