An exercise in mental telepathy

If you would like to test yourself and see if you have telepathic power, this simple exercise will help you to find out.  Its done in the privacy and quiet of your own home, no one needs to know.  All you need to do this with, is a piece of paper, a pen, an envelope, and a postage stamp.

Perform this exercise as per the instructions in proper sequence:

1.  First, sit down at your desk with a piece of paper, a pen, an envelope, and a postage stamp in front of you.

2.  Think about a friend you have not seen, nor communicated with in a long time, but that you would like to correspond in writing with.

3.  Think about what you would like to write to that friend about.

4. Think about a particular, and very specific question you want your friend to supply the answer on.

5.  And now, think about how you would like that friend to write back to you, with her/his answer.

6.  Now, write down on the piece of paper what you would want to say to your friend, including the question you want to ask him (but don’t actually ask him to reply, nor to answer the question).

7.  Once you have written-down your letter to your friend, sign it. Now think about: ‘you want him to write back a reply to your letter, with the answer to your question’.

7.  Fold your letter, and place it into the envelope.

8.  Seal the envelope and glue the postage stamp on the envelope.

9.  Do not actually mail-off your letter to your friend. Take the envelope and it’s content, and put it away (again, do not mail it off, just put it aside for future reference).

The place, and the distance between your friend and yourself do not matter.  Do not let your friend know about this telepathic test.  Wait for the reply from your friend; if you are telepathic, the reply will come.  It should arrive within a few weeks or so.

This test on telepathic skills taken and adapted from:  Swami Panchadasi, Clairvoyance and Occult Powers.


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