There are ways of seeing into the Astral Plane.  These date since before the Egyptian Pyramids were on the drawing-board.  These ways are actually methods relating to today’s Neuro Linguist Programing (NLP).

However, before getting too deep into the details of such ways or methods, the Clairvoyant needs to first understand the fundamentals of clairvoyant vision.  Clairvoyant vision happens when we use our ‘visual sense’.

For those who are ‘predominantly visual’ in the physical world, are most usually clairvoyant.  Nevertheless, even people who are predominantly auditory, or predominantly olfactive, or predominantly verbal or gustative, or kinesthetic can also access the Astral Visual Plane; though, a little more training than the ‘visuals’ is neded.  As a ‘visual’ or not, there are methods one can use – so “to heighten” one’s sense of vision in the Astral Plane.

Such  methods of inducing clairvoyant vision help along ‘the conditions’ of becoming of or “en rapport”(1) with the visual Astral Plane.  For example, psychometry is a form of clairvoyant phenomena.

In the method called psychometry, the clairvoyant gets into “en rapport”  relation with the astral plane, by means of the ‘connecting link of material objects’ such as bit stone, a piece of hair, an article of wearing apparel, etc., which has a previous connection with the thing, or the person, or the scene regarding in which clairvoyant vision is required.

The associative virtue of these articles:

The virtue of these articles  consist entirely of their associative  value.  They carry within them certain vibrations of past experience which serve as a connecting link, or ‘associated filament’ with the thing which is sought to be brought into the field of the clairvoyant vision.

To reach in a clairvoyant way a thing, a person, or a scene in this way,  is akin to unwinding a ball of yarn, when you hold the loose end in your hand.  Or it is like giving a keen-scented dog a sniff at a handkerchief once carried by the person whom you wish him to nose out for you.

An affinity or magnetic attachment:

The untrained clairvoyant can see into the Astral Plane.  But usually can not find any particular astral picture when it is wanted.  At least not  without some special link that puts him “en rapport” with the object required.

It seems as though there were some sort of ‘magnetic attachment or affinity’ between any particle of matter and the record that which contains its history – an affinity which enables it to act as a kind of conductor between that record and the faculties of anyone who can read it.

The scenes act upon our brain:

One school of thought concerning ‘the scenes through which we pass in the course of our life’, is that they seem to act in the same way on the cells of our brain as the history of the object did upon the particles of that object. The scenes establish some sort of connection with those cells by means of which our mind is put “en rapport” with that particular portion of the records, and so – we “remember” what we have seen.


Very sensitive psychometrists not only can see a scene, they can also ‘actually feel the same’ as the individual they seek information about.  He will feel the individual’s pain, and in the very same place the pain is located.  Some can describe the personal characteristics and the past history of some individuals.

Sometimes, the psychometrist can have a ‘dream-vision’ about an individual.  This dream would happened when awake, and would list but a few fleeting moments.

Flashes of picture-like scenes:

Just like in dream-visions, other phsychometrists have ‘flashes’ of a fleeting moment (like the trailer of a movie); rather that the full version of the movie itself .  What makes this ‘psychometric’ rather than  clairvoyant, is that – to see the scene, the presence of another person is necessary to produce the phenomenon.  The psychometrist needs the associated link or loose-end of the ball of yarn.

The psychometric spy, or Remote-Viewer:

When a psychometrist is able to get into “en rapport” with a distant scene by means of a connecting link such as a bit of mineral, plant, or similar object once located at that place.  Then, he is able “to relate”  what is going-on at that place, while it is actually happening at that particular moment (in real time).  Another way of saying psychometric spying, is ‘remote viewing'(2).  There are many cases of this kind.

Psychometric psychic discernment:

By means of a mineral or metal, which was originally existing there.  i.e. ‘Discerning’ the layers of strata in a mine or the surrounding land.

(1)  En rapport conditions, needs to be first established.  The clairvoyant must first find the ‘affinity’ with the thing, or the person, or the scene he wishes to see.  In other words, he must be sure that he is in a ‘close and harmonious relationship with’ the object, or the person, or the scene concerned; that they understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well with each other.  When unsure if there is a close and harmonious relationship, then the ‘en rapport with’ is not as yet established.

(2)  According to the Farsight Institute, the Remote-Viewing Research institute, since 1995:  “Remote viewing is a controlled and trainable mental process involving psi (or psychic ability). (…)  used for espionage purposes.  Remote viewing is normally considered a controlled shifting of awareness that is performed in the normal waking state of consciousness, and it does not typically involve an out-of-body experience, hypnosis, an altered state of consciousness, or channeling.

Taken and adapted from: Clairevoyance and Occult Powers, by Swami Panchadi


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