Ouija Board



The Ouija board is an gateway just as the runes or the Tarot Cards are. It is not a toy to annoy the spirits with. But rather, it is a tool for the “seer” to obtain wise counsel from the gods or spirits.

Many people tell of negative experiences with the Ouija board. They treat it as if a game to ask silly questions of the dead. People do this without understanding the spirit world. If you had a child or a teenager, and their friends asking you all sorts of pestering questions for a few hours, you would soon become annoyed by them and would want to make certain they stop doing that and don’t come back again to continue pestering you. Those in the spirit world would react no differently.

Treating the dead in such a way as to disturb their peace (to drive them crazy pestering them), incurs their annoyance just as much as it would annoy you if someone treated you like that. Just as in the physical world, there are some people we like to talk with and those we don’t like to speak with; there are some individuals who are kind and generous with their person, and there are some people who are just plain dangerous to be around. The dead do not like to talk to just anyone, nor do they want to be around just anyone.

Unlike Christian beliefs, it is not because someone passes on that they become Saints and benevolent protectors. If you enjoyed a harmonious relationship with someone while they were alive, then is it reasonable to things that it will be the same once they pass on. If you have a contentious relationship with someone during their living, then it stands a good chance of being just as contentious once they are dead. As an example of this, if you think your wife is a nag now, just wait see what she can do once she is dead!… If you think your son disrespects his elders now, just wait and see what he can do once he is dead. Hence, sometimes it is just common sense to let the dead rest in peace.

In popular belief, the Ouija Board®, is also known as a spirit board, a talking board. The mystics and the spiritualists call it a planchette. For them, it is not the Ouija Board itself that is the gateway, but rather, it is the little piece of wood (the planchette) they use to point at letters and numbers with – that is the real gateway.

4d10afd7e39c11ae28995b20ae5eea39A planchette, or even the Ouija board for some, is a divining tool through which automatic writing, or spirit writing, or a form of channeling, or table typing indicates a spirit’s message. The medium asks a question to a spirit, so to have the spirit give him an answer.

To get an answer from a spirit, the work of the ‘medium’ is obtained through the abandonment of his will to the spirit. The spirit transmits the response through the hands of the medium that are on the planchette, the answer. By this method, the spirit works through the medium; or the spirit ‘transforms’ himself. This transformation, or transmitting, is actually called a ‘possession.’

Just as it is for ‘a medium,’ a person who lets a spirit control his body is throwing the dice. What a spiritual entity will do with him or with other people in the room – is a matter of good or bad luck. It is recklessness to call upon just any entity; because we live in a cruel world. Just as there are sick, evil people in this physical world, there are bad, cruel people in the spiritual world or in the astral plane. This is why people associate the Ouija board with demonic possession; you just don’t know who is there around you in the spirit realm.

In Wicca, there are no rules concerning the Ouija board. Anyone can use it. But there is great wisdom with which to use this divining tool.

Some Wiccans and Witches use Ouija boards of different shapes with different symbols. Some of the boards are made of wood, glass, or mirror. While others use those made of limestone or of other materials. You can even use Tarot Cards as an Ouija Board!

The Magicians of the ancient Egyptians had the reputation of being great diviners. They understood the magick of the stones, and they used it. And it worked for them.

limestoneIt is not for nothing that the Pyramids were covered by limestone. It is believed, limestone acted as a radio receiver. This would have made the structures of the Pyramids – radio devices. This is why some spiritualists, Wiccans, and other diviners from other traditions use an Ouija board made of limestone or dolomite; to better receive the wisdom of the gods, or to get messages from the spirit world. Some even use limestone or dolomite Ouija Boards to perform ancestral magic and/or spirit work, etc.

Limestone or dolomite are of the marble family. Limestone and dolomite are very close to the same in appearance. They are metamorphic stones, easily changeable under fire. This is why the ancient Egyptians used limestone in casting lots with stones.

This type of stone, limestone or dolomite, facilitates ‘dream-visions’ and ‘sleeping-dreams,’ and the interpretation of such dreams. That was how, a man such as Joseph, an Israelite, became wealthy and powerful under Pharaoh; Joseph interpreted dreams (Gen 41:16 And Joseph answered Pharaoh, saying: “It is not in me: God shall give Pharaoh an answer of peace).” No matter of what faith, or what God Joseph consulted in the interpretation of dreams, Joseph was a diviner who sought his God so to obtain wise counsel. Joseph was an oracle, and he was abundantly rewarded by doing so.

And we can do the same by using crystals, runes, Tarot Cards, or even an Ouija board made of limestone. Just as the Tarot, crystals, and runes, the Planchette (Ouija board) – is a gateway (the tool, that is to say). However, when using a planchette on a limestone or dolomite Ouija board, it is easier if we use water when doing so for obvious and not so obvious reasons.

Some oracles (a High Priest or a High Priestess) would cleans the room appropriately, before casting the circle. They ground themselves in Earth before entering the circle, so to empty themselves of any surplus energy (not of their own body’s energy, but rather of the excess of it). They would offer a prayer before casting the circle, asking for the protection of the protector of their house; so he will act as a barrier.

Some say they like to cast a triple circle with salt and fire, thus forming three separate and distinct barriers. Creating no doors to enter or leave the circle at any time; once the barriers are cast – no one enters, no one leaves. Then, the oracles shield themselves even more by calling up the Elements of water and Earth and Fire to bring their protection.

Then the Oracles call upon the Elementals who serve under each one of those Elements, to enter into the circle. Then, they invite the three gods to enter: the one, the god and the goddess (or the gods of their choosing). Then, a prayer is done, and an offering and ale are offered up. The corresponding candles are lit, etc. A rune spell is performed, so they will continue being protected against negative results brought into play by the reckless, deeper unconsciousness.

Inside the circle, the oracles do not abandon their will to any spirit. Keeping in mind, that nature does not tolerate a void, abandoning one’s will is at best – not using it; and at worst, releasing that energy out there. When releasing (letting go of our own will) the energy of the will then leaves a void behind it. By moving, the energy of the will thus creates that void. And that is why a Wicca does not abandon his or her will to another, nor their power to any spirit or other human beings.

As the bad is incredibly faster than the good, the bad is very fast to fill the void created or left by the energy that was once there. But rather, the oracles directly ask the god and goddess for their wise counsel. The wise counsel sought by the priest or the priestess (the Oracle), is about “change.” Change as in a personal transformation (mental or personal). i.e. a change in a circumstance like changing jobs or a new life event; survival. This survival or change brought about by the “transformation by fire.”

From this article, you have learned to not pester spirits. That there are bad or good spirits just as there are bad or good people among the living. You have learned at a more deeper level, what the Ouija Board is used for by some mediums and magickal practitioners. And that using the Ouija Board is not for the amateur.


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