Clairvoyance and Cognition

Though many are frightened by what might be revealed. most are highly interested in seeing into another world through Clairvoyant Methods. The average person who is curious, wants to reach into a higher world so to be with those who hold greater knowledge and power than himself.  But he does not know how to achieve such a goal.

No matter the reason why a person wants to reach into a higher world other than his own, he can not do so without first being able to understand the knowledge he would obtain from it.  To understand what knowledge is to be gained there, he must first understand that he first needs to see into the higher world.

Another name for ‘The higher world’, is ‘the unseen world. Man can not see into ‘the unseen world’ without clairvoyance (a higher vision). A person with an average intellect can develop his ‘higher vision’ (clairvoyance).

When a person who has clairvoyance looks into the higher world (astral plane), he does not fully understand what he sees there.  He does not necessarily understand what is going on there, because he needs more than to see in there. So to understand what he sees, he has to bring into activity his – cognition.

Cognition is the ‘mental process’ by which your brain can understand what the senses send to it. In other words,  once you look into the higher world, your senses send info up to the brain.  The brain has to be able to pay attention to the data received from the senses. By paying attention, the brain sifts-through the info received, and does an analysis of it all. Then it looks at that analysis from different perspectives; then the brain looks at the different contexts. The brain then reaches a conclusion; after which, the brain will decide what to do.  Even those persons who are not clairvoyant, have cognition; the average intellect possesses cognition.

In a nutshell, to understand what is going-on in the higher world, man leans upon the experience he has acquired in his own world.  He must call upon his senses; he must use his memory, his attention, his comprehension, and judgement.  After seeing into the higher world, he must be able to describe it, then to understand it, to judge it, and to become convinced of what he has seen and learned from it.

Man, as an individual, assimilates what he has learned from the higher world.  Then, based on his individual personality, he applies his knowledge of it.  By doing so, the average man has then become the instrument with which to gain access into the higher world (the astral plane).


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