Rain spell

This is a spell to make it rain, during a drought.  Calling upon the Celtic water deity Boann to shed her tears and bring forth rain.

What You’ll Need:

◾a cup of water
◾a lava stone
◾hazel (think this means a hazel stick)
.  A drum
.  A torch (fire torch)
.  Cotton
.  Materials to make fire and smoke with
. You can have an old lady or a young girl help you with the fire, and the drum.

Go to a place where there is drought condition.  Be sure to set-up the stage before informing anyone you are about to make rain.  Be sure there is a hill or a mountain close-by, so you and the people there can reach higher ground if the rain should become over-abundant.  In addition, be certain you have all you need with you before hand:  the materials to make rain with, a tent for cover (and the bare-minimum of camping equipment, and grub).  And don’t forget your  to bring your Staff, Besom, Cingulum.

To set the stage:  Go to the town, and tell the people there to go to the top of the hill (or mountain); you are going to make rain.  Once many persons know about your advice, return to the place you have already set-up (a little away from the hill (or the mountain).  And sit there, and wait while looking at the sky from time to time…

Once a small crowd of curious onlookers have gathered.  Take your Stang, and tie your Cingulum at the end of it.  Hold your Cingulum by the end, and trace a circle with the Stang at the end (the length of both the Cingulum and the staff, make a good size circle).  Don’t forget to make a door to the circle, so to enter and leave when need be.  The purpose of this circle is mainly to make sure no onlookers get too close, so to disturb your work. There is no need for a fancy circle to be drawn with watchtowers or altar, etc. Because the circle is simply drawn so to call respect to your work. If you want, you can ask onlookers and the women helping you, even your coven if they want to help; by walking around your circle and/or the town until the rain comes. Women who would help, would need to sprinkle themselves and the outer-limits of the town and the circle with water, and to play on their drums. If no help comes, that is quite O.K> too!…

Leave the circle by its door, informing onlookers they cannot enter the circle, nor disturb it’s tracing in the dry earth.   Go and fetch a cup of water, a lava stone, a hazel stick, and a drum; bring them into the circle, close the door after you have entered.

Now look at the sky.  Then look-see if any of the people of the town have gone up to the top of the hill (or mountain).  If not, that is O.K.  Look at the sky again.  Hold the lava stone in the palm of your dominant or power hand. If you are left-handed use your left hand, if you are right-handed use your right hand.

NOTE: In rare occasions your power hand might be the opposite hand you write with. Do what feels the most comfortable to you.

While meditating silently, call upon the sky, water, air, and clouds to bring rain to you. Hold the lava stone up as an offering and chant the following:

Boann! The Time is Now! Release your tears, let them fall, end this drought Now!

Chant this until you notice the wind picking up. When the wind is strong enough take a pinch of the hazel and throw it to the wind. Leave rest of the hazel in a small dish or container as an offering for the powerful water Goddess Boann and thank her for the rain. Once you thank Boann release the wish of rain to the universe and delve upon it no longer! The rain should come immediately after thanking her but may only last for a few moments. If the rain doesn’t come immediately just leave the offering and let it go.

Someone might come-up to you then, and ask you why have you asked to go up to the mountain top.  Answer, their might be a flood! Let them laugh if they do.  Continue sitting there, at night you may leave by the door, and sleep in your tent.  Do this, for 2 days if no rain has come; but do just play the drum, but do not repeat the magick, just play the drum in the imitation of thunder.  You can place some cotton on the ground if you should choose to do so (in imitation of clouds), from time to time while continuing to drum in the thunder.  At night, light the torch (imitation of lightning), and make smoke with the camp fire, again while playing the drum.

If someone else asks you why you want them to go to the mountain top, answer simply:  there might be a flood.

On the second day, leave the circle, pack up your belongings and go away.  If there is a flood, they will now understand why go to the top of the mountain.


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