The Crone

The Crone represents the Crone Goddess.  The Goddess of the Dark Moon

The Crone represents the Crone Goddess. The Goddess of the Dark Moon

The Crone is an aspect of women-hood that is ‘the grand-mother’.  She imparts the wisdom of her years.  We show respect to her, because of her wisdom and powers.

Leaving behind her the years of girl-hood and of motherhood, she leaves society to enter into her isolation. Apart from society, both physically and mystically. For some, this happens quite literally; for others, it’s not as noticeable.

When a woman has reached that time in her women-hood, that psychological developmental age of integrating her life’s experiences she undergoes a ‘transformation’.  Once transformed into a Crone, she puts an end to her isolation and comes back out into society. Coming out of her ‘Winter season, integrated, she is greeted by the women of her family and tribe, and by her friends and community. It is at this coming out, she starts to live among them once again.

A Crone’s returning to live in society, represents ‘re-incarnation’; in this ulterior new life of hers. It is then she feels a psychological need to be reunited with her lord again. However, for the purpose of this post, let us continue to explain what a Crone is.

As an old mystical woman now, a Wise Women, the Crone is in the last stage of her women-hood.  An age where she is now considered ‘elder’.  Men also undergo a physical and mystical transformation; they are called ‘Sages’. Most often than not, the Crone is left by the Sage; who also experienced a Winter isolation of his own.

Where as the Crone is sought by the younger women than herself; for her wisdom, and knowledge, and because of her acceptance of endings – and of death.  The Sage, is also accepted by the younger women than himself, for the power he represents. The Waning Moon is representative of this stage in a women’s life; it should also be seen as representative of the Sage “not being anymore with the consort.  The Crone Goddess is left by her Lord…

For a women experiencing this later stage of her life, the child baring days are a thing of the past for her now; she has reached the age of the grand-mothers that came before her (her female ancestors). And of those grand-mothers in the society she lives in. She is now regarded by all, to be a ‘wise women’ now (aging and aged).

Her mystical, magickal abilities have also be transformed along with her. She may have possessed certain magickal abilities before, but now they are ‘transformed’. And if she wasn’t before hand, she is now a ‘seer and healer’; gifts from the Dark Goddess to her representatives (the crones).

These gifts from the Dark Crone, come in handy to help those who stands with her. During hard times and times of tribulations, and times of ‘transition’, the Crone guides her family, tribe and community; she is the holder of the ‘knowledge and wisdom’ in their eyes and in their minds. It is her role to care for the dying at the moment of their death, and to help those others who are going towards death; to help the mothers in labor with the delivery of the babies. The Crone also helps to raise these mothers back up after delivering – during the next forty days after having given birth.

No matter how some try to make the Crone into a sexy diva, becoming a Crone is nevertheless – a frightening and mysterious age – for the average women who reaches that last stage of her life.  When a women reaches the Crone Age, she has mixed feelings when her uterus has completely dried-up; when the object of her desire (man) ignores her for younger women; when her husband abandons her because of his lust for younger women.

The Crone is also that time in a women’s age, when the younger men go to her so to learn sex magick; they hope to learn how to be better lovers from her (for the young one he hopes to better please). Some younger women start to treat the Crone with scorn; and when some men, in society, begin to persecute her for not being useful to them as sexual object – because of her aging body.

No women in her right mind likes to be called ‘an old hag’… Generally speaking of course, many women don’t necessarily want to celebrate growing old… However, today’s aging women has begun to reclaim ‘aging’.  In fact, many of them celebrate that period of transition with acceptance.  They welcome their newly found sexuality and mysticism. And eventually strike up new types of relationship, with another women, this time, if need be.

The Crone – welcomes the autumn years. But is more reluctant to welcome her Winter years, but eventually does just as the Crone Goddess had. As the Crone Goddess, the crone eventually, lovingly welcomes back her Lord – in the spring.

Just as the Crone Goddess’s color is black, the human Crone takes on her Goddess’ black color; this way she honors her Goddess. Black also represents the gifts her Crone Goddess has bestowed upon her… The Crone Goddess’s Moon is the Waning Moon; the human Crone wears black to represent the energy of the Dark Moon (The Crone Goddess).

The Crone is ‘The Knower’; The Knower of Mysteries; The Seer; The Shadows whispers their secrets and their help to her.  During the winter of her years, the Crone brings the harvest of her experience, she reaps the benefits of her knowledge; and transmits them to the mothers and the young girls of her family and tribe…

Taken and adapted, from The Nordic Wiccan


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