Introduction to the Craft of the Rune Masters

There are many Rune Masters.  However, no one Rune Master, or oracle, interprets the runes in the exact same way.  Nor do all of them know the deep usages of the runes.

Rune Masters are ‘intuitive people’.  After having asked the runes a question, they then pull-out a rune. And then, with the physical sense of sight, they read the runic alphabet inscribed on the rune.  When the physical eye of the Run Master looks at the inscribed runic alphabet on the rune, it actually sees it – as an ‘image’.  It sends that image up to the brain for understanding and interpretation.  But what the brain does with that image, is it understands the runic image as ‘unnecessary data’. That unnecessary data is then forwarded, by the brain, to the ‘deep unconscious’ – for storage purposes.  In turn, the deep unconscious simply keeps it stored there for later usage.

This all sounds pretty simple, but it actually isn’t.  It isn’t simple because once this unnecessary image of the runic alphabet gets stored away into the deep unconscious, our ‘human collective memory recognizes it. Our human collective memory understands the runic image as a ‘familiar image’.  It tries to match that image with a similar one. Once the collective memory has successfully matched it up with an identical one, it then ‘remembers’ it and ‘understands it’s meaning.

Because that part of the brain which is The Human Collective Memory, it ‘remembers’ the image as a ‘sacred image’ representing the power of the gods.  It remembers also, that it is an image the gods work with – so to help us human beings.  Then, the human collective memory, having acknowledged it as a help for humanity and to the Rune Master, it can either keep it there so to have it show up in our dreams, or it can send it straight back to the brain for immediate use.

This is when the ‘intuition’, or the ‘sensitivity’ of the Run Master kicks into gear.  A highly sensitive user gets told by the brain – that the runic alphabet he/she has just read – is useful in the immediate.  When the Run Master is in his comfort zone (his zone where he is comfortable receiving whispers from the runes; and considers the whispers as safe to receive), he will receive and interpret the whispers in many ways.

If the Run Master is predominantly a visual, he will get a predominantly ‘visual’ whisper of the runic alphabet.  If he is predominantly an ‘auditory’ (hearing) person, then his understanding of it will be that of a predominantly audible whisper.  If he is predominantly an ‘olfactive’ person (smell), then the whispers will predominantly come to him as a smell.  Or as a predominantly ‘verbal’ person (a talkative), he will understand the whispers predominantly with his physical verbal sense of the world.  When a predominantly ‘kinesthetic’ person (a tactile, touch), then the user will predominantly ‘feel’ the whispers.

When the Run Master is not in his comfort zone, he is then not comfortable with an actual reception of a whisper from the runes. So, he will reject the notion of interpreting their meaning; his brain will send it directly to the deep unconscious where the runic image will be stored for later use.  The image will then either come back to him at a later time, as a conscious memory, or during a dream.  It will come to him, either as a ‘awake dream’, or a ‘sleep dream’; either way, it will come back to his consciousness for understanding and interpretation.  When a suppressed runic image comes back as a memory in a dream, at the conscious level, it is the brain telling the user – he needs to pay attention to the image; and that, because, the image is of a deep significance to him.

The Rune Master, either reading the runic image in real-time or remembering it or dreaming it, will nevertheless – react to it.  It is the function, or the role of the rune master to react to the runic image by ‘speaking it out’, or by ‘singing it’; or by creating ‘music’ from it, or by ‘painting it’; or by creating a ‘poem based upon it’,or by ‘carving it out’; or even by ‘writing it out’.

Highly sensitive, or intuitive people often shy-away from receiving help from the gods.  This is due to the overwhelming influx of vibrations (or energy) they receive from the outside world.  These sensitives, most often isolate themselves from the outside world as if to shield themselves from the massive influx of ideas, thoughts, and feelings they would pick-up from others or from places they would go to.  So to read the runes then, for them, would only serve to add to the influx.  This is why so many Run Masters choose to read the runes when they are in their comfort zone.

Placing oneself in ‘the comfort zone’ to read runes, requires a ‘grounding.  A grounding involves the letting out, or the letting go, of surplus energies that a sensitive accumulates.  There are several ways to ground oneself; there are articles and books describing how that is done.  Not only does the sensitive, intuitive want to ground himself so to expel surplus energy from his physical body, he also does not want to send-out his energy (unnecessarily) through the portal called – the runes.

The name ‘rune’ has become associated with the Gothic word ‘Runa’.  Runa means:  a ‘secret’ or a ‘mystery’, or a ‘whisper’.  The root ‘run’, means ‘speech’.  The casting of runes signifies: ‘to cut with a knife’;  to pronounce a ‘final judgement’ or a ‘final ruling over’; or ‘to speak with finality’.  To physically speak for the gods sending their whispers through the runes, is a big responsibility.

Just before ‘casting the runes’, the Run Master would ask them – a specific question.  Then, the Master would throw all of them together upon the ground; or he would remove a specific number of them necessary to a specific spread (as one would so to read the Tarot Cards). Once having done so, he would then listen for the whispers of the runes.  The runes whisper ‘secrets’, ‘mysteries’ to the oracle; it is the help or the ‘judgement’ of the gods upon man.

Another usage for the runes, is the ‘runic crafting’.  A person who is learned, or educated in the reading of the runes, could ‘craft’ them into defensive or attack spells. Supposing a person wanted to put-up a defense from an attacker, he could combine several of the runic alphabet so to have the runes help defend him.

Run Masters capable of crafting runes together so to craft an attack spell upon an enemy, were called the ‘Earls’.  Earls were those Run Masters who knew the ‘secrets’ of both physical and spiritual combat.  The cunning Craft became then – a defense against any physical or spiritual retaliation from an enemies.

Rune Masters are oracles through which the gods help people.  Generally speaking, Rune Masters have ‘mastered’ the art of Rune casting. They know how to interpret what comes through the portal (the runes).  Rune Masters have integrated the meaning and the understanding of the runes into their lives.  Some users of runes know their deepest mysteries and how to apply them to their lives; while others simply do not.  No matter how learned you are in the craft, be sure to educated yourself in the protection spells taught to you by the gods.

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