Runic Oracles

Runes contain mysteries and secrets for humanity.  When a human consults the runes, the gods whisper their mysteries and secrets to him in order to help him.  This is why it is good for people to understand the runes.

It was Odin who liberally spoke of the mysteries and secrets of the Runes.  He dedicated himself  to the study and understanding of them.  He taught his people what the runes are, and how they revealed themselves.

As Odin hung from the tree called Yggdrasil, he sacrificed himself for his people.  Odin ‘died to himself’ in order to undergo a spiritual transformation.  He became an oracle for the runes to whisper to him the answers to the question he asked of them.

Upon reading the word ‘oracle’, some might limit their understanding of what an oracle is.  Some might think  the word oracle applies only to the runes. While other people call the runes – a portal.  To interchange the words ‘oracle’ and ‘portal’, is often done; but not every runic master does that.

The runes are correctly called oracles. However, because of today’s more Sci-Fi(ish) thinking, it would be more convenient for everyone if the runes were understood as ‘portals’. To refer to them as such, would help to differentiate between the runes and the human using them.  Perhaps referring to the runes set as a ‘portal’ can be a sticky issue for some; let us agree to disagree.

Applying the word ‘oracle’ to the user of the runes, is more in line with the Classical Antiquity usage of this word. There in Classical Antiquity, and limiting ourselves within its confines, an ‘oracle’ is defined as: a person or agency receiving wise counsel or prophetic prediction or precognition of the future, inspired by the gods”.  In other words, receiving a direct message from the gods, is a ‘form of divining’- and not defining an object. Thus understanding the Rune Master as a sort of diviner.

However, in the Latin language, ‘oracle’ means ‘orare’.  The Latin word ‘orare’ becomes ‘to speak’ in english.  A ‘priest or a priestess’ who verbally transmits to another person, the prediction spoken to them directly by the gods themselves, is then an ‘oracle’ in the proper sense of the word as found in Classical Antiquities.

So, to make it simpler in today’s understanding, it becomes less complicated to simply call the runes ‘a portal’. Using a portal to speak directly to the user, the gods use the runes as a gateway to the person asking them a question. When the gods speak directly to the user of the runes, that person is then an ‘oracle’.

It is precisely because the gods speak directly to the Rune Master, that the Rune Master is different from a ‘seer’.  A seer interprets ‘signs’ sent by the gods.  Signs such as:  bird signs, animal entrails, and other various methods.  From this perspective, the user of the runes is ‘an oracle; not a seer.

In a nutshell, the runes are a portal through which the gods whisper directly to man – their help to us; and that is why the Rune Master is referred to as an oracle’. And why it is more convenient to understand the runes themselves as a ‘portal. We, human beings are the ‘oracles’ through which the gods help people to achieve prosperity in our lives.

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