Choosing Your Crone Name

In many traditions, the Crone takes on a new name.  Just as many tradition have ‘Witch Names’, they also have ‘Crone Names’. For those Crones who are in a tradition holding to a Witch Name and to a ‘Crone name’, before your Crone ceremony is the time to meditate on your Crone Name.

Now that you are a Crone, you are aware of the many changes, and of the transformation that has taken place within and without your person. Just as much as your body, mind, and spirit have been transformed, so has your personal power energy.  Because you have a newly transformed power energy, your name should be representative of this before the Crone Goddess.

If you would like to keep the same Witch Name as you have had before your transformation, that is fine.  If you were thinking of going by a different name before the God and Goddess and the deities, now that you are preparing your Crone Ceremony, now is just as much a good time as any other time. Some may want to keep their Crone Name a secret, while others may want to announce it at their Crone Ceremony.

Those wishing their Crone name kept secret, for obvious reasons, often also choose yet a public name in addition to their secret name.  That public name would not be the same one as the name you would used when you would present yourself before the gods.  Rather, it is only a name for the public to know her by.


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