Preparing your Crone Ceremony

The Crone ceremony is a ‘Welcoming Back Into Society Ceremony’.  You have lived your ‘Season of Winter’ apart from society, and it is now time for you to return to live among your family, your tribe and your community.  Just as much as the Crone Goddess has prepared you for this place of honor among those you care about and love, now is the time for you to prepare them for your re-entry.

You have been transformed during your apart time.  The people you hold dear in your heart have seen your departure into your Winter Residence. They have seen your loss, the loss of your girlish steps, your youthful figure, the greying of your hair; gravity become victorious.

These same people have helped mend your broken-heart – when more and more rejected by the object of your sensuality and desires.  They have witnessed ‘your lord’ (your consort) leaving your arms; he also left to live somewhere apart from you, in his own Winter Land.  Your family and friends also know of your great loss endured during the cold Winter months; the loss of your ‘life-giving energies’. They could not share in this with you; for it was not their own personal Winter Season.

But now, it is all different.  Now they share with you in the celebration of a special moment in your life: The Welcoming you back among them.

Now that your ‘change’ is completed.  Now that your Winter Season is done and over with, it is now time to explain to them: the transformation you underwent and what this all means to them.  How now, at this stage in your life, you can help them in a new, different way than ever before.

Begin by making a list of those women and girls you want to invite to your Crone Ceremony.  Tell each one of them, what this ceremony is for and what it means to you.  Invite them to be there for you, to welcome you back among them; back into society.

You can begin by telling each one of them, how your body has finished its transformation now.  Now completely transformed; it is done with its childbearing years, and that no longer will you be giving life.  You are now officially in menopause, your womb is dry. And it is now time for you to continue living out the rest of your life.  That your powers have also been transformed; transformed in such a way as to let you help those who are also living out the rest of their lives.  That you will be there to help the dying in their passage to the afterlife; them and their families too – during their mourning season.  And that you will also be there, for the women in you family, tribe and community during their childbearing time, in addition to helping them get back up. And that you will help them care for their young.

Let the women you are inviting to the your Crone Ceremony know, it is a great blessing for them to welcome you.  As you are now a beneficial asset to them and theirs.  You bring ‘the gift of wisdom’ along with you, as well as the knowledge accompanying your new-found powers.  It is indeed a time for celebration – for all the community.

As you prepare your Crone Ceremony, think about where you would like to hold your ceremony.  Think about the flowers to decorate the hall with, and to carry.  Think about if you want to send out specially written out invites, or just make a public announcement to the women and girls in your family, tribe or spiritual community.  Think about the candles, the incense and your new color.

The Crone’s color is ‘black’.  Black, is your new color as it represents the Crone Goddess in her full power; in her fullest energy.  As your grand-mother, she is the one to aid you with your new found powers.  The Crone Goddess and her consort the Dark Lord.

It is for this reason now, your candles representing your newly found energy power are black.  The incense must be that of the Crone Goddess; and so is your crystals and stones.  Prepare a place of honor showing them up on your Altar.  The color of your Altar tablecloth is also black now.  This is the color appropriate for the Crone Ceremony; for a Crone is to be welcomed and celebrated there, at that time.

Some Crones do not want Black at their Crone Ceremony, because family, tribe members and community members are present at that time.  And that is also fine.  When it is appropriate for you to honor the Crone Goddess’ color, it will feel good for you to do so then.   In the mean time, this should not prevent you from holding your Crone Ceremony.  After all, those you care about and love need your help; and that is what you will do for them in your new life as a Crone.


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