Your Crone Ceremony

The Crone Ceremony is a ritual.  A ritual during which your family, tribe and community welcome you back among them – as you re-enter back into society as you leave your Winter Season.  Your Crone Ceremony Ritual should be a reflection of your ‘welcoming’ back into society; back among the women and girls.  Taking your rightful place as a ‘grand-mother’ who represents the Crone Goddess – a grand-mother.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a women who has had children or not, out of choice or not.  Nor does your sexual orientation have any importance upon holding a Crone Ceremony for you.  If you are menopause, then you have a right to be welcomed and honored during a Crone Ceremony and Ritual.

Menopause is, when a women has gone six months straight without any signs whatsoever of her menstruation; no bleeding… The time before that is, what most would agree upon calling: ‘the change of life’ when a women’s menstruation has begun ‘the change’. The change occurs when the women begins skipping months due to her age; a change during which interruption in her menstrual flow occurs. It is when she first notices she is starting to grow old. This time in her life is called: “The Winter Season”.

Those of the Two-Spirit tradition, or those who are gay men also hold a Crone Ceremony among the women of the family, tribe and community; or one of their choosing.  Though some hold their Crone Ceremony among their Two-Spirit Community.  And that is fine also if they so choose to do so; there is no reason why not.

Many Crones are solitary practitioners; they are self-anointed as a Witch, and are not answerable to no one.  If this is your situation, you may invite women of your family, tribe or community to be there to welcome you back into society at your Crone Ceremony.  There is no reason either, why not to hold one in cyber space. However, some alterations to the following ceremony may be advisable.  If there is no one attending, you may go ahead just as you have at your self-anointing and dedication ritual; modifying the ceremony and ritual as it feels good for your to do so.

As the Crone Ceremony and Ritual is a ‘welcoming back among the women and girls’, walk down the aisle, to go and stand before the women awaiting you in front of your new Crone Altar.  Appropriate music playing, flower petals for you to walk upon on your way to join the other women.

Go to them, and stand among them for a few minutes.  Visualize yourself being useful to them, and stand there for a few minutes.  Then your master of ceremony announces your presence among the women of your family, tribe and community.  They may applause, hug you.

Another Crone may place upon your head, the Crown of the Crone.  The Crown of the Crone s so you can be represented before the others as a queen; one representing the Crone Goddess.  The Crown itself may be a tiara, or a ring of flowers placed upon the crown of your head; some may prefer a ring of pearls.

Once the Crown is placed upon the crown of your head, the master of ceremony may read a specially for this moment – address to you; honoring the occasion with some words written especially for you.  She may also want to present you with a bouquet of the right kind of flowers.  However, some Crones prefer to keep their Crone Ceremony simple, but beautiful.

The master of ceremony may ask you if you are keeping your name, or not.  Your response should be according to your wishes.  No matter if it is a new name, or the old one, the master of ceremony announces your name.  And proceeds with the Crone anointing.  As the High Priestess anoints you, visualize the Crone Goddess arriving to be present with the other women present; visualize her arriving with her consort – the Dark Lord; because they enjoy a personal relationship with you.

The Crone Anointing, all depending on the path or the tradition you follow, could be the drawing of the symbol representing your particular tradition, upon your forehead – between your two eyebrows; where your third eye is situated.  If you want, this is also a good time to renew your commitment to the gods and to your tradition and coven.  All depending on the women attending your Crone Ceremony, you may keep your Commitment Renewal simple, yet sacred.

It is during that anointing and commitment renewal, that your High Priestess can anoint you with the proper ceremonial anointing oil.  If you are self-anointing as a Crone, do so at this time.  In both cases, visualize yourself standing before the Crone Goddess and being anointed by her.  After that part of the ritual is over, the Anointing Ceremony is over and Commitment Renewal is over.

If you are self-anointing, draw the symbols upon your body as you had done before then at the time of your self-initiation and commitment.  The Crone Ceremony can be the repetition of your Initiation and Dedication Ceremony.  You may want to include slight variations to the words used and to the unfolding of these two sacred ceremonies; as long as they basically stay the same.

Once the anointing and the renewal of your commitment is over, the High Priestess may announce you before those attending your Crone Ceremony and Ritual, by your Crone Name, as a Crone.  It’s OK if some might want to applause, or give you hugs.

You may also want to stand or sit before the Altar for a few moments longer, to feel what the Gods have to whisper to you.  If so, be ready for what message or emotions, or any manifestation of the Gods.  Once you are ready to leave the area where the Altar is situated, let the candles burnout by themselves, but do extinguish the candles representing the gods, out of respect for them; for they have left.  If you want, go and join the other women in a small reception in your honor.

Note that no circle had been cast, so there is no need to close the circle.  Also note that the quarters, nor the Elementals had been called upon; nor had the Goddess and her consort had been called.  So there is no need to thank them.


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