Personal Safety against weapons formed against you

In order to insure your personal safety against weapons formed against you, there are steps to take.  Be sure to go through each and every one of the personal safety steps; without skipping one; or insuring your personal safety will fail.  There are four steps to personal safety, each one has it’s reason for being…

The Four Personal Safety Steps:

1.  Cleansing of all negativity.
2.  Protecting from future attacks.
3.  Disarming your attacker.
4.  Sending a response to your attacker.


Lets go straight to the fourth Personal Safety Step. Many hesitate before sending a response to their attacker; and quite justifiably so.  When one can avoid ‘sending a curse’, one avoids escalating the war.  But we weren’t born yesterday.

We all know not every one plays nice in the sandbox. Knowing good defense strategies and good counter measures often deters a sandbox bully. This is a cruel world after all. And this is why good defense strategies are primordial.  A good defense strategy is to:

1.  Cleanse
2.  Protect yourself and your family.

Once your good defense measures are properly in place, then and only then, can you move-on to using your good counter-measures.  A good counter- measure is:

3. Binding, and ultimately –  sending a warning curse to your attacker.


–  Defense:  Cleansing and Purification

Cleansing rids you of any negativity your attacker has sent to you, to your home, and to all those who live there. Cleansing removes curses. Any weapon used to weaken you, and to prevent you from performing your magick, you need to be cleans of. Cleansing allows you to performe Magick without worry of negative influences.


–  Protection/Defense:  An absolute necessity


Your defensive and protective measures aid you in preventing the effectiveness of curses against you.


–  Binding/Restraining:  Spiritually disables the magickal effectiveness and abilities of the person sending a curse to you.
Binding and restraining the person’s magickal powers against you, is a defense measure.  It also restrains people from hunting your down spiritually.


–  Cursing/Spiritual Assault:  To debilitate your enemy’s effectiveness


This is spiritually assaulting your attacker with a manifestation of your attack against them.  First with a simple curse; and when if necessary, with powerful spells combinations – and incorporating other spells for more efficiency. Some also include Tarot spells


(Source:  Dawn Flowers)



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