Strawberry Full Moon

This year is going to be my 4th Strawberry Full Moon over El Paso, Texas and New Mexico… The June Full Moon (The Rose Moon) appears up there in the night sky each year as I sit out on the patio with Hubby. Yes with Hubby, my Christian husband. He sits out-there with me while I tell him all about the Full Strawberry Moon energies of the Mother Goddess…

The ‘June 13th Full Moon’ is ‘The Rose Moon’, as it is called by the Europeans. Wiccans and Pagans call it ‘The Star Moon’. The Tarot ‘Major Arcana 17’ Card actually represents the Star Moon of June the 13th THE STAR Moon Tarot Card. However, my biological half brothers and sisters who are of the Algonquin Tribes (Native Canadian Nation), refer to it as ‘The Full Strawberry Moon’.

The Algonquin Tribes call it the Strawberry Moon because strawberries bloom in June. And rightly so; if do a Google Image Search for the Strawberry Moon over El Paso, Texas, it is by looking at a picture that full moon you will readily see why it is called that way. It is the color of a strawberry on that specific night.

As I am not like my half-biological siblings, I am a French-Canadian – a Quebequer descendant of the Breton Witches who are the cousins of the Druidesses. We French-Canadians call that Full Moon like the Bretons and the French do: “La Lune Rose”; which means in the English language: “The Rose Moon.” The Rose Moon indicates the mid way demarcation of the year. At The Rose Moon (or the Strawberry Full Moon), it’s time to do some introspection; to look into your emotions, feelings and sentiments. A time to look at the work you’ve accomplished so far, and at that work that is left to do Craft wise.

Plan on cooking magick spells in which some strawberries are incorporated into them. These Magick recipes become fully energized by the strawberries picked on June 13th; especially this year, as it will coincide with a ‘Friday the 13th’. The Tarot Card – The Star – indicates that, if this year’s Friday the 13th, 2014th Full Moon happens to be on a clear night, the Goddess Venus will pour her life force energies onto the Earth… under an 8 pointed star…. Those who Astral Travel, can look to see an ‘Astral Star’ up there in the Astral Sky; it’s an 8 pointed star at which Venus looks up to…

As June the 13th Full Moon is also a ‘Strong Sun Moon’, nourish your gardens… Just as much as the Earthly garden needs tending to, your emotional and spiritual gardens needs some pruning also. Tend to your nourishing and maintaining friendships and family ties and relationships. Time to heal any discord between you and your loved ones, and your close ones…Offer them a pint of fresh strawberries, or a homemade strawberry pie! Magick strawberry pies of course!

And don’t forget, look-up the magickal properties of the strawberry, as June is also a month of constipation (blockages due to the other seasonal foods we tend to lean towards at this time of the year). Strawberries are natural laxatives… both physically and spiritually; emotionally also… Make some strawberry extract precisely for that purpose… But don’t use more than a few drops though, be careful not to us too much of that extract – loll…

Offer some fresh strawberries to the crone goddess, she loves those… And oh yes, if you see me around El Paso, tx and New Mexico, stop and say hello! This old crone will take very kindly to a strawberry milkshake invite…


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