Telepathy, the Law of Attraction

This article explains how it is possible to reach others through Telepathy…

Solitary Practitioner

Ask any man what made him fall in love with his wife, and he will answer:  “Opposites attract”.  It’s the law of attraction in the physical world.  But in telepathy, the law of attraction is “affinities attract”.

When boy meets girl, boy wants to get his hands on her physical differences; but when girl meets boy, she ‘loves’ everything about him, he is so different.  Girl will make sure boy notices she is very different from him.  She will tell all her friends about the dreamboat she met yesterday; and boy will tell his friends all about the girl he hopes to get lucky with.  Boy then puts away her phone number along with the other ones in his collection.  Which will make for strong children, says the girl already planning their wedding.

In telepathy, just thinking about someone does not make for strong children; though, it has been known…

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