Preventing Psychic Attacks

Preventing Psychic Attacks against you, implies you develop mental defense skills.  By knowing what you are doing, you can manage such attacks.  Then, they will become relatively harmless to you!


Preventing Psychic Attacks

Preventing Psychic Attacks


Preventing Psychic Attacks

Preventing Psychic Attacks is crucial. It is wise to keep ourselves, our families, and our clients safe.  After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

If you think that you are a victim of a psychic attack, defend yourself against it.  Those who wish to manifest their will into their environment, or do operations as diviners, empaths, intuitive, mediums, psychics, paranormal investigators from time to time fall prey to psychic attackers.  Fortunately, there are ways with which to defend yourself against attackers.

Your psychic attacker may not even be aware that he is attacking you; few attackers ever are.  In any case, he/she may very well be weaker than you.  Nevertheless, when planning your psychic defense, always keep at the front of your mind that there will always be someone who is stronger than you.   However, where there is a will; there is a way!  So be prepared to defend yourself – no matter what.  Moreover, send your attacker a little warning lesson – so to make him back off from you!

How to know if it is a psychic attack

How to know if it is a psychic attack, is the most asked question.  A psychic attack is self-evident.    However, many people like to cast doubt about psychic attacks.  They are fast on the button to call it stress, or PMS, or depression, or the result of addiction.  They will even tell you; it is but a figment of an overactive imagination.  Moreover, it very well may be one or all the above.  No matter what people may tell you, there are ways to make the difference between an overactive imagination and a psychic attack.

To make the distinction between an overactive imagination and a real psychic see your doctor to rule out any medical condition.  If you suffer from stress or PMS, or depression, or of addiction, then do something about it.  Get medical help for such things that hinder you from enjoying a high quality of life.  No one in their right mind wants their suffering to linger on.  Accept medical treatment, and follow your doctor’s recommendations. You doctor should be able to rule out a psychic attack in your case.

However, in some cases, ruling out a psychic attack is just not that simple.  If this is the case, then speak with someone who is knowledgeable in paranormal investigations.  This person can teach you how to recover your peace of mind; how to maintain good spiritual health.  By “good spiritual health,” I mean:  clearing and cleansing your atmosphere and putting up psychic self-defense and offense.

Psychic Defense against the Magnitized

Psychic defense against the magnetized is something you would do well to learn about when suffering from psychic attacks.  People who perform magick, or do divinations are notorious for leaving the door open to the magnetized.  The magnetized are also called emanations, or spirits, elements, elementals, angels, demons; these can be human and non-human.

Long story short, we need to know how to open and shut our psychic doors so not to fall prey to the magnetized.  In other words, we need good psychic protection for ourselves, our family, and all who dwell in our homes, and our clients too.  Not only do Psychic attacks come from the magnetized, but they can also originate from those humans who are psychically inclined or gifted people.

Psychic Defense and the Tarot Reader

Psychic Defense and the Tarot Reader

Humans who are psychically inclined, are most often not even aware that they psychically attack.  It is very rare when it is a malicious psychic attack.  When a psychic attacks you, most usually it is because he or she is not in control of their emotions and powers;  they are not masters of their thoughts.  They  ‘broadcast’ negativity through thoughts; thinking they are successful in keeping it to themselves. However, instead, their ideas ride on vibrational waves that enter into your aura.

The greater majority of psychically inclined people is ignorant of the scope of their powers.  For that reason, it is a good idea to take the time to assess the psychic attack situation.  Before doing anything about it, think, think, and think first!  Once you are sure the attack is upon you due to their ignorance, then you will be able to defend yourself from them.

When the psychic attack comes from someone who is attacking you on purpose, then you need to discover his ‘intent ‘.  You also need to confirm the plan by testing out your suspicion.  Afterward, and only after getting a confirmation that they are doing that to you on purpose, then you can go ahead to defend yourself good and efficient like.

Why is psychic defense necessary

Why is psychic defense necessary?  It is necessary because, in our line of work as Tarot Readers, or psychics, or Mediums, we work with our psychic doors opened.  We remain ‘receptive’ to magnetized energy (emanations); we leave ourselves wide open to other human’s and nonhuman’s thoughts. We let in their thoughts into our ‘atmosphere’ (our aura).  By doing so, we expose ourselves to those who would plant the seed of their thoughts into our atmosphere. This is called ‘en-rapport’.

Why is psychic defense necessary

Why is psychic defense necessary

In a nutshell, ‘rapport’ boils down to creating an astral umbilical cord or line, or a link from his thought to your aura.  Eventually, that thought seed makes its way up to our brain.  Then our brain decides what to do with it.  The brain thinks that the idea is not particularly useful to us right now, so the brain decides to store it in its unconscious memory banks – for later recall.

There will come a time when your brain will suddenly decide that you need that info contained in that little thought seed deposited by your attacker.  So the brain will take it out from your memory’s filing cabinet, and will bring it up near consciousness.  Moreover, that is when you will start dreaming about the info held inside that seed thought.


Dream time psychic attacks

Dream time psychic attacks are due to the psychic attacker having successfully planted a seed thought within our unconscious mind.  That seed thought is a weapon forged against us by a psychic attacker.  It will eventually surface into our dreams.  So in other words, the attack will take place during our dream time…

Dream time psychic attacks

Dream time psychic attacks


What a victim of a psychic attack can do

What a victim of a psychic attack can do is, to defend herself/himself against the assault.  You will be able to neutralize the effects of an attack coming from someone who is attacking you out of ignorance.  Let them do their thing against you.  Time is your best defense and offense!

Simply close your psychic doors – good and proper like. Cut all contacts with your attacker.  When your attacker cannot perceive your misery anymore, he will become disillusioned with himself.  He will automatically think that his attack against you is not working.

As psychic thoughts are weapons forged against you, t They act as if boomerangs.  Once released, they return to their sender.  When his psychic attack returns to him, that psychic telepathic attacker will get a taste of his own medicine!  And such is the lot in life of the Karmatics!

Dion Fortune in her classic book on psychic attack self-defense proposes that “the key to psychic defense, is to shut your psychic doors to your attacker. To apply first-aid methods so to resist the aggressor. Then to rely on mother nature to provide you with the tools to use so to keep resisting the attack, until your attacker is worn out by sending out too much of his personal energy.” Then, and only then, should you ever send him a little warning not to try that on you again!  When one is a victim of a psychic attack, one must not be above defending oneself; psychic self-defense is defense !  In many instances, when using the term ‘self-defense,’ it can sound all rather passive.

With time, maybe what most attackers would call ‘passive,’ is not that passive to him.  Once the attacker’s imaginative tool gets absorbed, may be he will think it not a good idea to try that again… 🙂

Of course, this is a rough outline of psychic attack self-defense. There is much more to it than what meets the eye at first glance. Next time, I will share with you how to close your psychic doors (so to speak), and how to use the Elements and elementals out there to avoid and repel a psychic attacker.  Also, if you are an ‘absorber’, you may find something interesting in it too!


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