The Qliphoth

The Qliphoth are not to be toyed with.  They are highly misunderstood.  They need to be discerned correctly.


The Qliphoth

The Qliphoth


The Qliphoth are known to mankind as demons and devils, as fallen Angels.  All according to your own faith or religion, you may believe in them or not.  This article is not about challenging your belief system, it is about how humanity, in general, understands them.



Hello, my name is Evergreen.  I have read on Facebook posts about demons, and I would like to elaborate on the subject by writing about them.  Basically, The Qliphoth are evil spirits that are not favorable to humankind.  Bad spirits or demons know mankind well.  Humanity knows them, but just haphazardly.  If there is one thing we do know about them is, we don’t want to have close encounters with them.

How humanity represents the Qliphoth

How humanity represents the Qliphoth is by using the word evil.  Taking pictures of demons is a near impossibility.  So what we (humanity) do, is to make artist representations of them in paintings, and by using the written language.  In English, there are different spellings for the word Qliphoth.  For example, Qlippoth, Qelypot, Kelipot.   Qliphoth are also known by other names such as peels, shells, husks, barks, psychic residue, dark energy, and even as a polar opposite.  We can call it a demon, a devil, and even evil.


The Qliphoth

The Qliphoth

Even if there are tons of books about demons, severe warnings advise us never to pronounce with our tongue the name of a demon; unless by hearing its name, it will come to you.  For example, it is customary for the French not to pronounce the name of the Renard; out of fear he will reappear again in history.  The Renard was an embodied demon who, in his physical manifestation, had taken the name of Le Renard.  Le Renard became a great dictator who killed his own people. “Lords, you have heard many tales, That many tellers have told to you.  How Paris took Helen, The evil and the pain he felt Of Tristan that la Chevre Spoke rather beautifully about; And fabliaux and epics; Of the Romance of Yvain and his beast And many others told in this land. But never have you heard about the war
That was difficult and lengthy Between Reynard and Isengrim

Many things are said of demons.  Mankind wants to know about demons; either he wants to summon them to him, or he wants to rid himself of them.  We want to know who and what they are exactly, what they look like and where they come from exactly, what is their intent and purpose and what powers do they have over us, and why do they bother with us and can we make them go away. In a nutshell, humanity wants to be able to discern Demons, because they scare us.  And to be honest, I wouldn’t like to meet one.

Demons are described in many different ways.  Some tell us they are spirits; while some others say they are of solid form.  Some tell we can become their masters; while others say demons what to enslave us.  Perhaps these contradictions come from our own erroneous understandings of the spiritual world.  If there is one thing for sure about Demons, is that we need to discern them so to know what we are dealing with exactly.

Discernment of the Spirits

Discernment of the Spirits is a highly valued gift.  The central religious texts of the world speak of the necessity to discern the Spirits.  The gift of discernment is to “perceive with our senses, or by our intellect, so to make the difference between a friendly or non-friendly spirit.  This is a spiritual gift both boys and girls clearly makes manifest at or around seven years of age.  It is part of our human developmental stages, that when a child reaches the age of seven in human years, that male or female knows the difference between right or wrong.  To not be able to make the difference between what is right and what is wrong, is a spiritual/mental illness.

Typically, by the time we reach the age of seven, we already know by then what and who we like and don’t like in people.  We also know who is nice to us, and about being nice back.  By then, we are aware of what it is safe to do and what is not safe to do; and by extension, who is a reliable person, and who is not.  However, at that age, we still are dependent upon our parents’ superior knowledge of the world for protection and guidance; to keep us safe from the bad of the world, from childhood and into adulthood.This both in the physical and in the spiritual world.

The gift of discernment of the Spirits is recognizing energies, understanding the energy we encounter, and knowing how to react to it.  This begins by becoming aware of the Core Forces that control us, our family, community, County, State, and Country.  Some of these Core Forces controlling us, are positive energies, while some are negative energies.  The positive energies are Angels, the negative energies are The Qliphoth.  There are also the “balanced” strengths, which bring us and the society we belong to – into equilibrium.

When it is a balanced energy, we feel free just to be ourselves; and we thrive.  When it is a positive energy, we feel safe; but with time, we begin to feel constrained to be perfect all the time.  When it is a negative energy, we start to feel miserable (crushed down); and we believe we must find the strength to fight back.

The Qliphoth in Mysticism

The Qliphoth in Mysticism is understood to be evil or impure spiritual forces.  These spiritual forces are the polar opposites of the Forces of Good.  Just as much as there could be too much of a good thing (positive energy), there could be too much of a bad thing (negative energy).  This is why it is best all around, that when we meet up with a Demon, that our goal should be to restore the balance of the energy in our environment (Equilibrium).

To restore equilibrium in an atmosphere, some people seek to further their knowledge about themselves and about the spiritual world.  To do this, some will choose to perform White Magick only, while others will choose Dark Magick.  Personally, I would opt for Grey Magick (the balancing of the energies).  Disclaimer, remaining in constant balance is hard to maintain permanently; this is why fewer people decide to do Grey Magick.

Practitioners of Dark Magick are by reputation conjurers of Demons.  Demon conjurers think they can control a beast.  Usually, when a practitioner does that, he mainly uses the System of Abremelin, the Mage.  This Magical System is the most potent and complete; in other words, it takes a lot of time to conjure a Demon.  First, one must maintain, on a daily basis, one’s spiritual health.  Then, one must be very patient, so to do a complete purification and preparation; which takes a long time.  And then, one must evoke both the Forces of the Angels and the Forces of the Demons; which, again, takes a long time to do.

Because the Abremelin System of invoking Demons takes a long time to perform, the average practitioner of Dark Magic tries to find a way of doing it faster.  These impatient practitioners become tired; they do not follow the System in its entirety.  They are known to do as the mood lead them.  This is why the Abremelin System is known as a dangerous formula because many do not do it correctly.  Hence, they have difficulty control the Demon they conjure up…

There is a sound magical maxim that goes like this:  “Do not invoke any force unless you are equipped to deal with its adverse aspects.  For example, many Witches evoke the Fiery energy of Mars (Geburah).  Mars is a god (Demon).  This god has both good and bad within himself.  The Element of Fire transforms the old by changing it into the new.  However, Fire is also known to be cruel.  Cruelty leads to destruction!  So if you conjure up the Demon of Fire, it is a good idea to call at the same time – the Angel of Water so to be able to put out the fire when it is time.  Water is the Element that brings love back into a situation!

The Qliphoth not discerned

The Qliphoth not discerned, cripples people.  When a Demon is left to do its thing, it seeks to establish total control over the individual.  It is so malicious that it will destroy the person’s entire life.  Everything the person has strived to attain in life will be taken away by the Demon; even his free will and his self-control.


The Qliphoth

The Qliphoth


When a person has a Demon, he will dive into addictions, self-hatred, and self-sabotage.  He will lose his wife and kids, his job, his house, and his car.  He will fear his own destiny.

The Qliphoth are not to be toyed with.  They are highly misunderstood and malicious.  They need to be discerned correctly, for the sake of all involved.


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