Merry Meet!

Posted on this site is a small, personal research on the subject of the ‘Solitary Practitioner’. It started from lore, myth passed down to me through my adoption mother and some of the women of her family and friends; just as much by birth as by adoption, I am a Celtic descendant of those who came to Quebec from Brittany.  These lore and myths are there in my heart; which is why I wanted to expand on them by researching and posting them online; by taking what I find and then adapting it for the purpose of this site.

The goal of this site is to gather suitable material, so to offer deeper insight into the fundamental religious beliefs system of the Celtic culture.  As just an average person, I am no scholar by any means, and I ask for your patience and tolerance with any type of mistakes you may find on here.  Although, there is nothing posted on this site that I did not already hear about growing up in modern-day Quebec.

May what you find on this site

Be of interest to you and in plain sight.

May you relate to what you read here

By searching through your own memories on what is told here.

Maybe much had been destroyed, forever lost to us

But surely those who try to piece it back together again, will be us!

Mote it be!


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