Kelts in Brittany

Brittany –

Against the winds of tide, the traditions and the old figures of the ancient Kelts remain barely hidden. No matter how forgetful the human memory is, it still draws from the old Celtic people (the Kelts); a Celtic memory which has lasted down through millenniums.  The new belief was not able to chase the old away.

Notwithstanding the new religion, what with its ravaging of temples, its mutilation of idols and stelae, its destruction of old social stratification, its transmutation of ancient rites, there had been no end to these; at least not in the Breton society.   According to the article written in the Agence Presse, by Marc Patay, “among the Bretons, there remains mysterious behaviors and disconnection from the past, borrowed from mysteries and from poetry”.

Although today, there remains confusion about the ancient traditions of the old religion.  In such traditions which had been orally passed down through for millennium, local folklore kept the old religion alive through strange saints (real of symbolic), and through surprising cult and devotion.

Taken and adapted from:  Les dieux et deesses des Bretons, Agence Presse, by Marc Patay,


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