Is divination Biblical?


Most organized Christian religions believe that the Bible prohibits the use of divination, as well as other aspects of the esoteric arts (for the lack of a better name).  However, there some others are in support of them.  No matter on which side of the issue we stand, when one turns to the Bible for guidance on this subject, it can become highly confusing.


Looking through the Bible, there are many Biblical verses where God seems against the ‘arts’.  And then, there are many others where God seems for it.  Doing a Google search, I stumbled upon several Google links containing ‘lists of Biblical verses’ offered by someone who obviously had pondered the question at length.  I know I should have kept each of those links, especially so to reference them properly and to give credit where credit is do, but I omitted to do so.  You are most welcomed to give such links to me, if you can find the original author of the list in question.


Actually, that list was on ‘divination’.  It contained two sub-categories of Biblical references, which I looked over one by one; and even read them on E-sword.  The first group of verses speaks of those in which God approves of ‘the art’ of divination.  And in the second, God condemned it entirely.  This list omitted passages on dream interpretation, channeling, or prophesy; I sure would appreciate you sending those to me, if you don’t mind sharing.


No matter what Christians or non-Christians belief one might follow, this list of Biblical Verses on divination is taken from the New King James Version of the Bible.  If this list does one thing, it proves that there are Verses where God supports the use of divination…


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