Wicca Tools

Magickal Tools do not create the Magick, the Magick is within you…


When you first start to learn about things Wicca, you soon learn about the primary magickal tools. The more you learn and read and study about the tools, the more you begin to realize that tools do not create the Magick, that the Magick is within you.

You do not have to believe that the Magick is within you. It just is there anyways. It is that spark of energy within yourself, which everyone is born with. And this no matter what Tradition you follow or not. The tools are nearly always described as energy “enhancers” to heighten your own energy .

It is highly suggested that you create you own magickal tools. So to put your own energy into them. However, such tools are already-made and sold in esoteric and/or occult stores. Or you can order them online.

Some Wicca simply can not afford to purchase the magickal tools mentioned in the average magick, ritual or spell instruction. Lack of money should not be a problem for a Wicca. As the energy required to perform is within yourself, you do not really need energy enhancers to this with. That is to say, unless you find that you absolutely need an enhancer.

Even though there are powerfully rich Witches out there in the world of Witchcraft (who have the ways and means of purchasing only the best of tools), the average Witch can not. The average Witch out there affords mid-range to the low cost tools. Yet, these Witches still manage to perform surprisingly anyways. And this, notwithstanding the fact that most of the average Witches tools are not actually the top of the line (not the very best quality wise), their magical energy is most often just as good as the next Witch. It just works when you know how to gather your own energy!

As in all matters, there are long drawn-out arguments and debates on the subject of magickal tools. Just how powerful the common ones might just be or not, all depends on if the Wicca has pure and clean materials. If you don’t, you can start building-up your inventory of magickal tools on the cheap, and then work your way up to more expensive ones as time goes by. Although, the more pure (real) your materials are, the more real their energies are.

Arguably, many other Witches are living modestly. Many of them at low incomes or below the poverty line. They can not afford magickal tools, much less those of any quality to speak of. What then becomes that person’s own magickal powers?

Throughout the ages, many Witches have been reputed to be dirt poor. Their financial or social circumstances prevented them the possibility of procuring themselves magickal tools. Generally speaking of course, most of them had many children needing to be clothed and fed and housed.

One is reminded also of those Witches of the Witch hunts of the middle-ages. When back then, Witches were beheaded or burned just for having been suspected of being Witches. And their numbers are believed to be far greater than those of the Jews who were slaughtered during WW2. In addition to which, we all have heard or read about the horrors imposed upon the Salem Witches…

Those Witches, if caught with magickal tools, would have be hanged or burned. So they had to do without them; that, or become pretty resourceful. Just thinking of these witch hunts, it does not require of us a huge leap of thought to figure out that those Witches were limited to their using only their own personal energy to work their magick with; and this even if some had to be pretty creative. And yet, their magick worked anyways.

As an example of what magick you can perform without energy enhancers, one need only consider the healer. You can use the energy withing yourself to help someone who is lonely. It is amazing what one can do with just a smile, or a friendly sounding voice, and a hug! Afterwards, look at the person to witness the change of their expression. You might even observe their eyes become watered as they come to the realization that they are no longer alone after speaking you.

When someone talks to you about what concerns and worries they carry upon their shoulders, let them know what you think they can do to resolve those concerns of theirs. How to get help, or what you see in their future. How they can effect change in their lives. Share with them the light you see at their end of the tunnel!

The mere fact of you being ‘authentically present’ to another human being. Being a good, and caring friend to someone. To share your gifts and energy to help them out with – is your magickal tool…

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