Intuition and Sensitivity

The essence of who we are, needs to live.
Our essence, is the sensitive, intuitive part of who we are.
It is our wonderchild!


The essence of who we are as a human being, needs to live! It needs to wonder (to marvel, to be amazed) at what he discovers about himself and the world he lives in. The essence of who we are as an individual, needs to be authentic to himself – not suppressed.

The essence of who we are, is also called in Jungian terms – our Wonderchild. The wonderchild is that part of our being, who is “trusting, open, curious, accepting, non-judgmental, appreciative and spontaneous. Your wonder child is a sensory feeling being; it is sensitive to others, to the environment, to animals, to music, to colors, and to other vibratory influences”, Donna Martin, M.A. (1) The wonder child is that part of ourselves, that is a ‘sensitive. Our sensitive, is the one who senses both the visible and the invisible worlds. Who ‘feels’ the presence of others from both worlds; who feels the presence of god and the angels, etc…

Our wonderchild is instinctive, intuitive. The wonderchild not only has faith in his own existence, but also has faith that he will not stop existing even after death. He has faith in the afterlife, in what will happen to him in the afterlife; because he ‘senses’ the interdimentional realities. The wonderchild is aware of everything! The wonderchild is ‘the knowing’. He is that part of you, that ‘knows’. The wonderchild is the “channel” of love. The inner child is your authentic self.

Some people have put aside that part of themselves that is their ‘authentic self’. At the moment of their birth, their authentic self lived, expressed itself, and marveled at the world around it. Going through it’s very early development stages, the ‘authentic self’ was told by its parents and then by family and relatives to suppress itself. This is when we began to suppress our thoughts, sensations, feelings, and even our breath.

We were told to suppress the ‘making it happen’ while at play or at school. We soon learned as young children, still with our mothers, to suppress our interdimentinal realities, our instincts, our sensitiveness, and the knowing and feeling the presence of others.

Suppressing our wonderchild, brought us to doubt our own sense of ‘the knowing’; the knowing what is in the afterlife. Suppressing our ‘knowing’ drove us to despair; because by doing so, we erased ourselves. The more we suppress who we are tires our spirit; the spirit to live; the flame of life. We become anxious, tired, depressed, and we begin to lose the will to live. Suppressing our intuition, our sensitiveness to sensing others around us in the visible and the invisible world, leads us to our death. We die without using that part of ourselves that uses all of our senses; our senses are essential to us in the visible and non-visible ones.

In order to suppress who we are, as sensitives and intuitives, our families and society and religious leaders forced us to abandon our will to them. They succeeded in doing so, because our wonderchild was trusting.

To abandon our will to others, is to ‘release’ that part of our sensitive and intuitive energy out into the world; by doing so, we created a void within us. The sensitive and intuitive energy within us, is positive. It needs to be released into the world in a positive way. This intuitive energy goes to help ourselves and others; helping ourselves and others through positive energy contributes to our world and to the universe. Positive energy needs to be replaced by renewed positive energy. But, when we are told by our parents, family, early school teachers, and religious teachers and community, to suppress that positive sensitivity and intuition, and when we submit to their will by doing so, we create a void within ourselves.

We know that nature does not tolerate a void. It immediately fills that void as soon as the void is created. What fills up that void is what can kill us if we let it. Bad is all-round us. The bad is faster than the good. So, as soon as a void is created in our positive, sensitive, intuitive area, bad quickly rushes to fill it first. After sometime, the bad begins to fester within our being, and slowly kills us like an infected wound going gangrene. This is what happens to us when our positive energy is not encouraged, and instead is told to suppress itself, it weakens the life within us, and therefore makes it ‘unfit’ for necessary service in the world, and in the universe.

Our wonderchild, that sensitive and intuitive part of ourselves, gives strength and stability to our lives. It is the source to draw upon for work and power. The confidence we draw from it in life, is inexhaustible. Everyone born on this earth, has drawn power from the source of the wonderchild, from that sensitive, intuitive part of ourselves, can return to it to resource ourselves with it, to draw strength and vigor again, and to go forth with returned vigor!(2)

(1) Further reference: The Wonder child, John Bradshaw, B.A., M.A. in Psychology, philosophy, and theology.

(2) Outline of Occult Science: by Rudolph Steiner, Philosopher.

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