Wolf Moon Cold Moon

Full Moon of January 12th, the Wolf Moon. Technically, it’s 2 nights before, on the very night, and two nights after. In my culture, French Canadian, we also call this Moon “The Cold Moon”.

It is a moon of high energy… They say, lock your doors and stay inside. The wolves are out in full force. The Marauders (werewolves) comes to mind…

“Heed the North winds mighty gale, lock the door and trim the sail”…

In countries who can call themselves “north”, the tulips start to pierce the snowing ice. It is the time to plant the seed, they say up there. “Birch in the fire goes to represent the Lady Crone knows.” And “Fir does mark the Evergreen to represent immortal life.”

Wolf Moon Cold Moon

Wolf Moon Cold Moon


The Qliphoth

The Qliphoth are not to be toyed with.  They are highly misunderstood.  They need to be discerned correctly.


The Qliphoth

The Qliphoth


The Qliphoth are known to mankind as demons and devils, as fallen Angels.  All according to your own faith or religion, you may believe in them or not.  This article is not about challenging your belief system, it is about how humanity, in general, understands them.



Hello, my name is Evergreen.  I have read on Facebook posts about demons, and I would like to elaborate on the subject by writing about them.  Basically, The Qliphoth are evil spirits that are not favorable to humankind.  Bad spirits or demons know mankind well.  Humanity knows them, but just haphazardly.  If there is one thing we do know about them is, we don’t want to have close encounters with them.

How humanity represents the Qliphoth

How humanity represents the Qliphoth is by using the word evil.  Taking pictures of demons is a near impossibility.  So what we (humanity) do, is to make artist representations of them in paintings, and by using the written language.  In English, there are different spellings for the word Qliphoth.  For example, Qlippoth, Qelypot, Kelipot.   Qliphoth are also known by other names such as peels, shells, husks, barks, psychic residue, dark energy, and even as a polar opposite.  We can call it a demon, a devil, and even evil.


The Qliphoth

The Qliphoth

Even if there are tons of books about demons, severe warnings advise us never to pronounce with our tongue the name of a demon; unless by hearing its name, it will come to you.  For example, it is customary for the French not to pronounce the name of the Renard; out of fear he will reappear again in history.  The Renard was an embodied demon who, in his physical manifestation, had taken the name of Le Renard.  Le Renard became a great dictator who killed his own people. “Lords, you have heard many tales, That many tellers have told to you.  How Paris took Helen, The evil and the pain he felt Of Tristan that la Chevre Spoke rather beautifully about; And fabliaux and epics; Of the Romance of Yvain and his beast And many others told in this land. But never have you heard about the war
That was difficult and lengthy Between Reynard and Isengrim

Many things are said of demons.  Mankind wants to know about demons; either he wants to summon them to him, or he wants to rid himself of them.  We want to know who and what they are exactly, what they look like and where they come from exactly, what is their intent and purpose and what powers do they have over us, and why do they bother with us and can we make them go away. In a nutshell, humanity wants to be able to discern Demons, because they scare us.  And to be honest, I wouldn’t like to meet one.

Demons are described in many different ways.  Some tell us they are spirits; while some others say they are of solid form.  Some tell we can become their masters; while others say demons what to enslave us.  Perhaps these contradictions come from our own erroneous understandings of the spiritual world.  If there is one thing for sure about Demons, is that we need to discern them so to know what we are dealing with exactly.

Discernment of the Spirits

Discernment of the Spirits is a highly valued gift.  The central religious texts of the world speak of the necessity to discern the Spirits.  The gift of discernment is to “perceive with our senses, or by our intellect, so to make the difference between a friendly or non-friendly spirit.  This is a spiritual gift both boys and girls clearly makes manifest at or around seven years of age.  It is part of our human developmental stages, that when a child reaches the age of seven in human years, that male or female knows the difference between right or wrong.  To not be able to make the difference between what is right and what is wrong, is a spiritual/mental illness.

Typically, by the time we reach the age of seven, we already know by then what and who we like and don’t like in people.  We also know who is nice to us, and about being nice back.  By then, we are aware of what it is safe to do and what is not safe to do; and by extension, who is a reliable person, and who is not.  However, at that age, we still are dependent upon our parents’ superior knowledge of the world for protection and guidance; to keep us safe from the bad of the world, from childhood and into adulthood.This both in the physical and in the spiritual world.

The gift of discernment of the Spirits is recognizing energies, understanding the energy we encounter, and knowing how to react to it.  This begins by becoming aware of the Core Forces that control us, our family, community, County, State, and Country.  Some of these Core Forces controlling us, are positive energies, while some are negative energies.  The positive energies are Angels, the negative energies are The Qliphoth.  There are also the “balanced” strengths, which bring us and the society we belong to – into equilibrium.

When it is a balanced energy, we feel free just to be ourselves; and we thrive.  When it is a positive energy, we feel safe; but with time, we begin to feel constrained to be perfect all the time.  When it is a negative energy, we start to feel miserable (crushed down); and we believe we must find the strength to fight back.

The Qliphoth in Mysticism

The Qliphoth in Mysticism is understood to be evil or impure spiritual forces.  These spiritual forces are the polar opposites of the Forces of Good.  Just as much as there could be too much of a good thing (positive energy), there could be too much of a bad thing (negative energy).  This is why it is best all around, that when we meet up with a Demon, that our goal should be to restore the balance of the energy in our environment (Equilibrium).

To restore equilibrium in an atmosphere, some people seek to further their knowledge about themselves and about the spiritual world.  To do this, some will choose to perform White Magick only, while others will choose Dark Magick.  Personally, I would opt for Grey Magick (the balancing of the energies).  Disclaimer, remaining in constant balance is hard to maintain permanently; this is why fewer people decide to do Grey Magick.

Practitioners of Dark Magick are by reputation conjurers of Demons.  Demon conjurers think they can control a beast.  Usually, when a practitioner does that, he mainly uses the System of Abremelin, the Mage.  This Magical System is the most potent and complete; in other words, it takes a lot of time to conjure a Demon.  First, one must maintain, on a daily basis, one’s spiritual health.  Then, one must be very patient, so to do a complete purification and preparation; which takes a long time.  And then, one must evoke both the Forces of the Angels and the Forces of the Demons; which, again, takes a long time to do.

Because the Abremelin System of invoking Demons takes a long time to perform, the average practitioner of Dark Magic tries to find a way of doing it faster.  These impatient practitioners become tired; they do not follow the System in its entirety.  They are known to do as the mood lead them.  This is why the Abremelin System is known as a dangerous formula because many do not do it correctly.  Hence, they have difficulty control the Demon they conjure up…

There is a sound magical maxim that goes like this:  “Do not invoke any force unless you are equipped to deal with its adverse aspects.  For example, many Witches evoke the Fiery energy of Mars (Geburah).  Mars is a god (Demon).  This god has both good and bad within himself.  The Element of Fire transforms the old by changing it into the new.  However, Fire is also known to be cruel.  Cruelty leads to destruction!  So if you conjure up the Demon of Fire, it is a good idea to call at the same time – the Angel of Water so to be able to put out the fire when it is time.  Water is the Element that brings love back into a situation!

The Qliphoth not discerned

The Qliphoth not discerned, cripples people.  When a Demon is left to do its thing, it seeks to establish total control over the individual.  It is so malicious that it will destroy the person’s entire life.  Everything the person has strived to attain in life will be taken away by the Demon; even his free will and his self-control.


The Qliphoth

The Qliphoth


When a person has a Demon, he will dive into addictions, self-hatred, and self-sabotage.  He will lose his wife and kids, his job, his house, and his car.  He will fear his own destiny.

The Qliphoth are not to be toyed with.  They are highly misunderstood and malicious.  They need to be discerned correctly, for the sake of all involved.

Female Ghosts near water


Female Ghosts near water

Female Ghosts near water

Female ghosts near water are most intriguing.  They spend their time hunting passers-by.  They are not safe ghosts to messed with, they are malicious.

Many cultures have ghosts.  If there is one thing that they have in common, it is ghosts.  More specifically, ghosts that are near water and who hunt men.

A female ghost that lives near water is a Banshee.  Traditionally, the Banshee are ‘three old women’ who go to the water’s edge at midnight to do laundry.

You’ve heard the old saying, “do not air out your dirty laundry in public.”  This old saying is said to have originated with the Banshee lore.  It means that if people know your marital difficulties, they will use it to treat you with scorn.  There, at the water’s edge, it may get pretty scary sometimes; all sort of terrible things can happen there by the water… Especially for a man;  some man who has scorned a mother and her children, may drown there for having scorned a mother with children.

Back in the old days, doing other people’s laundry was a sought after trade for women.  Washwomen worked at the Laundry Quarters of town or cities.   Here in the U.S., The French Quarters of New Orleans also had it’s Laundry Quarter.  There, Washwomen (Lavandieres) did other people’s laundry; in particular, the laundry of the dead soldiers.

After a battle, the wives and their children would go and collect the clothing of their dead soldiers, or of the dying.  Washing out the blood from the clothing of a dead or dying soldier, and ultimately the clothing he would wear for his funeral – was a sacred religious act for the French and the English, and the Germans and the Portuguese of the heraldic class.

The French Catholics and esoterics still had social classes back then.  The French women who handled the funeral vestments of the dead, were of a laity class specially anointed to manage the clothing of the military, the priests, the elite, and the noble classes.


Female Ghosts near water

Female Ghosts near water


In the realm of Catholic religious belief, the clothing and the sheets of the dying or of the dead are sacred.  The dead are dressed in Funeral Vestments so to travel to the other side (Ether).  The Washwoman who had prepared the funeral clothing, would accompany the dead to Heaven (Ether).  In the days of the French Quarters, the Washwoman would not actually die physically so to accompany the dead.  They would accompany them spiritually by astral traveling to the spiritual world.  Their religious belief came from France, which at the time of the Christian Conquest was mainly Druid.

The clothing soaked in blood after the battle, and the sheets stained with the blood and sweat of the dead, and the funeral clothing were washed at the river’s edge with lavender perfuming.  Added to the perfuming, were the tears of the Washwoman.  A mixture of lavender and a woman’s tears holds both practical and mystical magick which is powerful beyond the grave.

From Celtic mythology, Les Lavandières, also known as the kannerezed noz in Brittany, the Bean Nighe (in Scottish mythology), or the Midnight Washerwomen in English, are three old washerwomen.

Les Lavandieres au lavoir
©Photo: Peinture de Yan’ Dargent, “Les lavandières de la nuit”, vers 1861, Musée des Beaux-Arts
‘Les Lavandieres’ are very much part of the Brittany folklore because they are well understood to be dead women who, in their living, had a real job, a real trade. They had lived in actual trades-villages men and women worked hard for their contemporaries and those of the nobles of the time. In English, the trade of the lavandieres was called: ‘washerwomen’.

Lavender and tears contain potent magickal properties.  The Tears are used for their power to heal a situation.  Lavender is used for cleansing, consecration, peace, protection, purification, energy, grieving, keeping secrets, rituals, healing and joy!  And for heightening the psychic senses of the one helping a soul to pass beyond the veil, into either Hell or Hether.  It is attributed to Hecate, the Crone Goddess; and Saturn.  It is associated with the planet Mercury.  Its energy is masculine.  The Element is air.

It is a very little known secret that the goddess Hecate, who is associated with the Three Old Women (Banshee), had her children torn from her arms and killed right in front of her by her Dark Lord who had taken on a new and younger wife.  To this day, Hecate or her Banshee can be seen at the corner of three crossroads, near water’s edge – doing laundry.  When a male passerby comes along, a Banshee will ask him to help her wash her sheets.  If the man stops to help this crone or any one of her representatives, she entwines both of his arms with her sheets and drowns him.

At night, they say you can hear the cries and lamentations of the Lavendiere (the Tree Washerwomen); this throughout all cultures.  The Banshee is also known as the Washwoman, the Lavendiere, the Cannard Noz in Breton folklore; and as the Bean Nighe in Scottish mythology.  They are a female ghost who is small; dressed in green and have web feet.  Their omnipotence is probably due to their having died so to accompany the dead to Heaven.  They have unlimited, unchallenged authority and power; they can do anything.  People fear them because they foretell death.  You know what they say, there is no fury like a woman scorned!

And there is just nothing you can do about her!  If a man tries to rid this ghost from where it lives, she will not fight him alone.  She has the power of the goddess Hecate, along with her army of both natural born and adopted children.

To see or hear a Banshee is an evil presage (a bad omen) indeed!  A female ghost near water is most dangerous.  They are hunting male passers-by.  They are to be avoided because they are malicious when it comes down to men.  The good news is, she will not hurt another woman whose child has been killed by a man – right in front of her.

Urim and Thummim

The Urim and the Thummim

The Priest Breastplate on which the Urim and the Thummim were placed


The Urim and Thummim are divination tools that were used back in the days of the Old Testament. The priests used these crystals to do divination. They performed two forms of divination with crystals: Cleromancy and Lithomancy. Cleromancy for casting lots; and Lithomancy to tell the future.

The stones the priest used were “the Urim and the Thummim.” The Urim and the Thummim were on the High Priest’s breastplate. They remained on the breastplate when doing Lithomancy (divination in general). When doing Cleromancy, the High Priest would remove them from his breastplate to cast them upon the ground (the casting of lots).

The Urim
The Urim was the name given to “the brilliant lights.” It was the lights themselves that served as the gateway. The High Priests and the Israelites honored the lights as the Word of God – Himself. The word of God was deemed infallible. This form of divination is called Lithomancy.

Lithomancy is a form of divination by which the future is told using stones or the reflected light from stones. Exodus 28:30 “And you shall put in the breastplate of judgment the Urim and the Thummim, and they shall be over Aaron’s heart when he goes in before the Lord. So Aaron shall bear the judgment of the children of Israel over his heart before the Lord continually.” As you can read, from this Scripture, the breastplate of judgment held the Urim and the Thummim.

The Thummim was deemed to hold the complete truth given by God to the Israelites. The Thummim was “the command” from God to the Israelites. This form of divination is called Cleromancy.

Cleromancy is a form of divination by which to sort lots (the casting of lots). It is the casting of one’s lot in life that determines the random outcome. The result of this random sorting of one’s destiny is believed to reveal the will of God or other supernatural entities. In 1 Samuel 14: 41, “Therefore Saul said unto the LORD God of Israel, Give a perfect lot. And Saul and Jonathan were taken: but the people escaped”. In this Scripture, we read that the Prophet Samuel used these divining tools. By repeatedly separating the people each time into different, smaller lots, fewer were left among them to find the sinner: The Urim and the Thummim were the objects used for the divination of the perfect lot (the perfect outcome).

In other words, the Urim and the Thummim were rabbinic divining tools. Someone would go to the rabbi to ask a question to which a simple ‘yes or no’ was required. The perfect answer would come as great rays of light shining out of some of the jewels on the breastplate of the high priest.

Each gem represented different letters, and the sequence of lighting thus would spell out an answer; there were 12 jewels on the breastplate = 12 letters. The 12 letters of the Hebrew Qabbalah. Some scholars insist, the jewels themselves moved in a way that made them stand out from the rest or even moved by themselves into groups to form words.

To place this type of divination in today’s context, the modern Celts still cast lots and read the lights coming from the crystals. Since the Bible itself makes mention of divining tools, it is no wonder that the casting of lots to get an answer – still takes place to this day. As an example of modern Christians that still cast perfect lots, are the Free Masonic Orders such as the Mormons. These and other Christian denominations to this day, still lean upon crystal divination so to find a sinner, or to seek God’s will on a particular issue. Besides jewels of the purest kind, random outcomes can also be sought by the use of other divination tools such tiles of wood, stones, dice or even thin slices of sticks, oracles maybe. Today, we would add Tarot Oracle Card Decks.

The Urim and Thummim are divination tools dating back to the days of the Old Testament. The priests used crystals to do divination. But today, we can all perform divination with crystals. Divination with crystals is Cleromancy and Lithomancy. Cleromancy for casting lots and Lithomancy to tell the future.

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Preventing Psychic Attacks

Preventing Psychic Attacks against you, implies you develop mental defense skills.  By knowing what you are doing, you can manage such attacks.  Then, they will become relatively harmless to you!


Preventing Psychic Attacks

Preventing Psychic Attacks


Preventing Psychic Attacks

Preventing Psychic Attacks is crucial. It is wise to keep ourselves, our families, and our clients safe.  After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

If you think that you are a victim of a psychic attack, defend yourself against it.  Those who wish to manifest their will into their environment, or do operations as diviners, empaths, intuitive, mediums, psychics, paranormal investigators from time to time fall prey to psychic attackers.  Fortunately, there are ways with which to defend yourself against attackers.

Your psychic attacker may not even be aware that he is attacking you; few attackers ever are.  In any case, he/she may very well be weaker than you.  Nevertheless, when planning your psychic defense, always keep at the front of your mind that there will always be someone who is stronger than you.   However, where there is a will; there is a way!  So be prepared to defend yourself – no matter what.  Moreover, send your attacker a little warning lesson – so to make him back off from you!

How to know if it is a psychic attack

How to know if it is a psychic attack, is the most asked question.  A psychic attack is self-evident.    However, many people like to cast doubt about psychic attacks.  They are fast on the button to call it stress, or PMS, or depression, or the result of addiction.  They will even tell you; it is but a figment of an overactive imagination.  Moreover, it very well may be one or all the above.  No matter what people may tell you, there are ways to make the difference between an overactive imagination and a psychic attack.

To make the distinction between an overactive imagination and a real psychic see your doctor to rule out any medical condition.  If you suffer from stress or PMS, or depression, or of addiction, then do something about it.  Get medical help for such things that hinder you from enjoying a high quality of life.  No one in their right mind wants their suffering to linger on.  Accept medical treatment, and follow your doctor’s recommendations. You doctor should be able to rule out a psychic attack in your case.

However, in some cases, ruling out a psychic attack is just not that simple.  If this is the case, then speak with someone who is knowledgeable in paranormal investigations.  This person can teach you how to recover your peace of mind; how to maintain good spiritual health.  By “good spiritual health,” I mean:  clearing and cleansing your atmosphere and putting up psychic self-defense and offense.

Psychic Defense against the Magnitized

Psychic defense against the magnetized is something you would do well to learn about when suffering from psychic attacks.  People who perform magick, or do divinations are notorious for leaving the door open to the magnetized.  The magnetized are also called emanations, or spirits, elements, elementals, angels, demons; these can be human and non-human.

Long story short, we need to know how to open and shut our psychic doors so not to fall prey to the magnetized.  In other words, we need good psychic protection for ourselves, our family, and all who dwell in our homes, and our clients too.  Not only do Psychic attacks come from the magnetized, but they can also originate from those humans who are psychically inclined or gifted people.

Psychic Defense and the Tarot Reader

Psychic Defense and the Tarot Reader

Humans who are psychically inclined, are most often not even aware that they psychically attack.  It is very rare when it is a malicious psychic attack.  When a psychic attacks you, most usually it is because he or she is not in control of their emotions and powers;  they are not masters of their thoughts.  They  ‘broadcast’ negativity through thoughts; thinking they are successful in keeping it to themselves. However, instead, their ideas ride on vibrational waves that enter into your aura.

The greater majority of psychically inclined people is ignorant of the scope of their powers.  For that reason, it is a good idea to take the time to assess the psychic attack situation.  Before doing anything about it, think, think, and think first!  Once you are sure the attack is upon you due to their ignorance, then you will be able to defend yourself from them.

When the psychic attack comes from someone who is attacking you on purpose, then you need to discover his ‘intent ‘.  You also need to confirm the plan by testing out your suspicion.  Afterward, and only after getting a confirmation that they are doing that to you on purpose, then you can go ahead to defend yourself good and efficient like.

Why is psychic defense necessary

Why is psychic defense necessary?  It is necessary because, in our line of work as Tarot Readers, or psychics, or Mediums, we work with our psychic doors opened.  We remain ‘receptive’ to magnetized energy (emanations); we leave ourselves wide open to other human’s and nonhuman’s thoughts. We let in their thoughts into our ‘atmosphere’ (our aura).  By doing so, we expose ourselves to those who would plant the seed of their thoughts into our atmosphere. This is called ‘en-rapport’.

Why is psychic defense necessary

Why is psychic defense necessary

In a nutshell, ‘rapport’ boils down to creating an astral umbilical cord or line, or a link from his thought to your aura.  Eventually, that thought seed makes its way up to our brain.  Then our brain decides what to do with it.  The brain thinks that the idea is not particularly useful to us right now, so the brain decides to store it in its unconscious memory banks – for later recall.

There will come a time when your brain will suddenly decide that you need that info contained in that little thought seed deposited by your attacker.  So the brain will take it out from your memory’s filing cabinet, and will bring it up near consciousness.  Moreover, that is when you will start dreaming about the info held inside that seed thought.


Dream time psychic attacks

Dream time psychic attacks are due to the psychic attacker having successfully planted a seed thought within our unconscious mind.  That seed thought is a weapon forged against us by a psychic attacker.  It will eventually surface into our dreams.  So in other words, the attack will take place during our dream time…

Dream time psychic attacks

Dream time psychic attacks


What a victim of a psychic attack can do

What a victim of a psychic attack can do is, to defend herself/himself against the assault.  You will be able to neutralize the effects of an attack coming from someone who is attacking you out of ignorance.  Let them do their thing against you.  Time is your best defense and offense!

Simply close your psychic doors – good and proper like. Cut all contacts with your attacker.  When your attacker cannot perceive your misery anymore, he will become disillusioned with himself.  He will automatically think that his attack against you is not working.

As psychic thoughts are weapons forged against you, t They act as if boomerangs.  Once released, they return to their sender.  When his psychic attack returns to him, that psychic telepathic attacker will get a taste of his own medicine!  And such is the lot in life of the Karmatics!

Dion Fortune in her classic book on psychic attack self-defense proposes that “the key to psychic defense, is to shut your psychic doors to your attacker. To apply first-aid methods so to resist the aggressor. Then to rely on mother nature to provide you with the tools to use so to keep resisting the attack, until your attacker is worn out by sending out too much of his personal energy.” Then, and only then, should you ever send him a little warning not to try that on you again!  When one is a victim of a psychic attack, one must not be above defending oneself; psychic self-defense is defense !  In many instances, when using the term ‘self-defense,’ it can sound all rather passive.

With time, maybe what most attackers would call ‘passive,’ is not that passive to him.  Once the attacker’s imaginative tool gets absorbed, may be he will think it not a good idea to try that again… 🙂

Of course, this is a rough outline of psychic attack self-defense. There is much more to it than what meets the eye at first glance. Next time, I will share with you how to close your psychic doors (so to speak), and how to use the Elements and elementals out there to avoid and repel a psychic attacker.  Also, if you are an ‘absorber’, you may find something interesting in it too!

Samhain: The Thinning of the Veil

Samhain:  The Thinning of the Veil

Samhain Thinning of the Veil

Samhain Thinning of the Veil


Samhain Thinning of the Veil:

At Samhain, the Wheel of the Year has turned again.  It has turned to the most sacred season of the year for us Witches.  At Samhain, here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is now The Thinning of the Veil!

The Veil separating the Living from the Dead is now at its thinnest.  Communicating with the Dead is at its most powerful.  At Samhain, we can better share and receive messages from the Dearly Departed who has crossed over before us.

Samhain is a Celtic word meaning ‘All Saints”.  In the Breton language, Samhain/All Saints become ‘Tous Saints’.  Bretons and their descendants, no matter where they are in the world, make no difference between the Living and the Dead.  We believe that just as much as the Living walks among us, the Dead do too.

Our ‘faith’ is a Dead Faith.  Because the old Celtic Druids overwhelmingly influenced our religious faith, Christianity failed at changing our ‘Dead Faith’.  If Christianity should one day disappear from our culture, we Celtic-Bretons would still be spiritual. As Celtic-Bretons, our faith is firmly grounded in our dead ancestors.


Samhain Thinning of the Veil

Samhain Thinning of the Veil


To this day, we will still have our faith grounded in the ‘Land of the Dead’, and in our ancestors who dwell there.  Both the Land of the Dead and our ancestors who dwell there, are at the root of the Ancestor Magic we Craft and practice in our daily lives.  For us the Thinning of the Veil begins at Samhain itself on November 1st, and endures up until January 5th.

To this day, here in North America, Spirits are part of the Breton’s daily lives.  Growing up as a girl, La Tous Saint (All Saints, Samhain) was a day for commemorating our dead family members and relatives.  It was a time of the feast of the dead in many cultures, as well as in our own.


Samhain Thinning of the Veil

Samhain Thinning of the Veil


As a girl, and still today, Samhain is the day to go to the cemetery.  There, we go to each of the Tombstones where our dead family members and relatives are buried.  Each one of their names and stories are to be recited aloud – so to honor their presence among us there.

Ancestor magic is all about communing, communicating, and commemorating with those who have gone on before us.  When I do a Mediumship Tarot Reading, I am honoring not only the Tarot Master who taught me (my Mom); I am honoring her belief in her dear spirits she told me about repeatedly!  For I to, remember them – just as if I had actually known them during their living; actually I do know them after their death…


Chalice Spread Evergreen

Chalice Spread Evergreen


Samhain is the best time to share and communicate with a deceased loved one.  It is my busiest time of the year to do Tarot Mediumship Readings.  Tarot Mediumship Readings are done so to ‘commune, communicate, commemorate with those who have gone through the Veil before us.  It is an honor to help you get a message from your dearly departed.

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Relationship Spells By Tarot Readers

Relationship Spells By Tarot Readers

Relationship Spells By Tarot Readers

Hello there fellow Tarot Readers and Witches.  People pay me good money to do a tarot Relationship Reading, a Love Spell, or a Curse.  They also often pay me to find out when another Reader’s predictions, spell, or curse will finally start working for them.  So I thought I would write this blog article about my experience with that.

Just last evening, a women client of mine paid me good money to do a Relationship Reading for her.  Her question was “Will my boyfriend break up with her, and if so – when”?  She refused to elaborate any further than that.  However, it has been my experience, that once I start doing the reading with this type of question, the client then will clarify her question further.

As a Tarot Reader with over fifty years of performing Readings, I read within my comfort zone.  My comfort zone as a Reader is reading with both the knowledge of the cards and my Intuition.  To describe myself as a Tarot Reader can get rather tricky.

I am not comfortable describing myself other than to say I am a Tarot Reader.  I would have to say that I am a ‘Telepath’.  Being a Telepath, today, is not very popular at all.  A Telepath just so happens to have psychic, clairvoyant, and Intuitive skills.  She is Clair-visual, Clair-auditory, Clair-olfactif, Clair-gustative, Clair-sensing; it is common to be both outwardly and inwardly.

However, the appellation ‘Psychic’ is starting to grow on me.  Since I was a girl, people called me crazy because they were afraid of what I might tell them.  Not everyone wants to know what I can understand about him or her.  Moreover, I cannot say as I blame them actually.

A person’s privacy is a basic human need.  The average person normally holds dearly to their private thoughts and feelings.  I am no longer a child anymore; I have since then learned how to shield myself from people’s thoughts and feelings.  I respect and honor people’s most intimate thoughts, so I never go there unless the person deliberately asks me to.

Before I begin performing a Tarot Reading, I tell my client I might tune-in to them psychically or intuitively.  I never continue with the reading unless I have their consent first.  Last evening, a client gave me her consent to do so.

She was a first time client.  At first she wanted a Relationship Reading, asking “will her boyfriend brake-up with her, and when”?  She really insisted that I understand that she really wanted there to be a break-up between the two of them.

Mid-way through the reading, she insistent I give the exact day and the time that he will break-up with her.  After all, the Tarot Reader before me – had guaranteed her there would be one.  She had even told her the day and time of the break-up.  However, in my reading, there was no firm and last breakup.  There was not day, nor time of day of the break-up.  This is when the Querent revealed to me that the day and the time had gone by, with no break-up.  They were still officially together!

My Querent felt ambivalent about continuing the relationship with him.  On one hand, she wanted to break-up with him.  On the other, she did not really want the relationship to end.  She still loved him, but was disappointed in him.

What had happened with her previous Tarot Reader was, she had her do a ‘break-up’ spell for her.  A spell that would make him do the breaking-up, at a specific day and time.  But the client kept going to see him anyways to get him to go back to here.  Which he did…

In other words, the Spell requested of the previous Reader, was not exactly what she would have truly wanted.  She paid her to do a spell, that neither one of them truly wanted.  Now, spiders afflict both the client and her boyfriend.  The client had to get shots due to multiple spider bites; she is now has a spider infestation.

Before agreeing to do a spell for money, a Tarot Reader would be well advised to enter into ‘rapport’ with her client.  If there is no rapport, the reader will not get a ‘deep sense of knowing’ during the performance of the reading.

When a Querent refuses to give us all the facts, prior to a reading, it is because they just want us to convince them that we are for real.  On one hand, they believe in our powers, yet not really believe on the other.  A Querent, or the client of a spell, may not fully understand how a spell actually works.  It is our responsibility as a Reader, or as a Witch, to make sure we get the correct info before doing spell work.

Generally speaking, a Hex is a spell or a bewitchment.  It can be a bad or a good Hex.  It can be inflicted or removed.  A jinx is bad luck.  I.e. losing a set of keys, or a wallet, or getting a flat tire.  A curse is a malevolent spell.  It can affect people with bad luck, misfortune, ill-health.

A Love Spell, goes against the person’s will.  It is to place under a Witches control, the sentiments of another person.  A Break-up Spell does the same thing as the Love Spell, but in the opposite direction.  It causes the person not to have a positive regard for the client.

No matter what kind of spell you are asked to do as a Tarot Reader, be responsible.  Beforehand, know your client well enough.  Be sure that her intention is clear to both you and her.

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